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How to Organize Your Social Media Information with Zimbra Email Services

In the early days of the Internet, Zimbra Email Services became one of the first providers to recognize the potential of electronic communications. Within a short period of time, hundreds of services were created to tap into the power of email for messaging and marketing purposes, making it easier for individuals to stay in touch and for business to build commercial mailing lists.

With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, communication became even more interactive by utilizing the ‘viral’ nature of these services. For each person you directly contacted with your message, the visibility increased through the recipient’s contact list. […]

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UK Technology Company Mr Mail Launches Free Zimbra Mailboxes

Mr Mail, a cloud hosting and related services company, becomes the first company to offer free Zimbra mailboxes to clients with no strings attached.

Mr Mail, a cloud hosting and related services company, has launched free Zimbra mailboxes for all clients that sign up for the service on their website. This places Mr Mail in a unique position as the only company that offers free Zimbra Email services.

Zimbra integrates email, calendars, contacts, VoiP and online document management into a rich interface through an Internet browser. It can integrate across different operating systems as well, meaning Windows, Mac and Linux users […]

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Mr. Mail vs Google and Facebook

It is well known that most of the people did not read Google’s latest revamped Terms and Conditions, in particular their privacy policy. Is this really that surprising? We, at Mr. Mail know that only few % of our customers have read our Terms. No one really reads it, all anyone does is tick the box marked “I have read and understood the terms”. Anyone, including Google, Facebook and even other Zimbra hosting services, can put virtually any stupid clause in and it will probably go unnoticed.

The good news is that Google have finally streamlined their Terms and Conditions […]

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Mr. Mail renewed SSL certificates on all Zimbra servers

Good news everyone!

Today we have finished renewal of all SSL certificates on our Zimbra hosted servers. Everything went smoothly, each SSL was provided by COMODO and installed on every server. This allows us to give each customer access to their Zimbra mailbox through universal access url:

All Zimbra desktop users are able to use: as Zimbra server with SSL ON. Zimbra will not ask for the certificate nor will show you certificate error as we use approved commercial SSL.

Mobile phone users are also able to re-configure their mail accounts on their devices and utilise the following generic server […]

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ZeXtras Mobile sync now available for all existing and new users FREE for 3 Months!

To celebrate our new partnership with ZeXtras we were able to secure a special deal for all our customers – new as well as existing ones.

From today, we have enabled full Zimbra mobile synchronisation for every account. All users are now able to fully synchronise not only their mailboxes, but also calendars, contacts and tasks. As this is a premium feature, the FREE period will last “only” for the next 3 months (until 4th of June 2012) after which time you will be able to purchase mobile synchronisation add-on for only 3.14 GBP or 4.99 USD a year per […]

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Mr. Mail announces new partnership with ZeXtras

We are happy to announce our new partnership with ZeXtras, an Italian company, a developer of ZeXtras Suite.

ZeXtras Suite is made to expand the capabilities of your hosted Zimbra service. ZeXtras is packaged as a modular solution allowing you to pay only what you actually need. Each module adds a new feature, giving you the power to do things you previously thought impossible with Zimbra Open Source Edition.

Due to the nature of ZeXtras, it was almost inevitable that we had to become partners and to be able to offer all enhancements ZeXtras Suite has to offer to all Mr. […]

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