The world of business is constantly evolving in response to the needs of people and Internet services are no different. Zimbra Email Services have provided rock-solid email communications services for businesses since 1995. Today cloud web hosting is changing the way websites operate to be on the same level: the resources are shared and accessible from anywhere. That’s one of the main advantages of cloud web hosting, but it’s good to know a few of the details about why it could be a good move for you.

Cloud Web Hosting and Your Website: Will it Work?

Unless you work in the Internet industry, the first thought of moving a website from shared hosting to cloud hosting is pretty scary stuff. The Internet has evolved for a rough diamond into a dazzling work of art. The ‘nay-sayers’ that caused the Internet a ‘fad’ have been proven wrong and as a result, things got complicated.

The number of webhosting companies offering cloud hosting is growing, but shared hosting is still by far more established. Cloud hosting offers the established website that’s entertaining active; daily traffic a greater pool of resources that would strain a shared server. The simplest way to understand cloud hosting is to visualize a group or “cluster” of servers linked to your website through applications, processes and programming languages.

The vast pool of resources allows you to grow without limitation; as your needs increase, your resources are scaled to meet the demand. The security of your website is ensured and monitored by the resources of the cluster or “cloud.”

Along with all of these advantages, the economics also are important to consider: connecting the dots between the cost of hosting to maintenance, marketing and customer service, running a business on a budget can be challenging. This makes cloud hosting and Zimbra email services the perfect combination for start-ups and budding enterprises.

Now that you have an idea of how you will benefit from cloud hosting, find out how you can take advantage of this technology in Part 2 of this article.