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Basic-Zimbra Hosting

mr-mail-zimbra-5Get the fastest and easiest Zimbra hosting at MrMail.
No more struggling with installation & configuration of your own Zimbra server.
At MrMail, you can get started with a Basic-Zimbra account! You won’t need to purchase extra hardware or install Zimbra Collaboration Suite by yourselves. You won’t even need to maintain it.
We’ll do it for you!

Also, you are not limited to use our
domain name for your email address, you can use your own domain!

MrMail’s experienced technical team will maintain the server your mailbox is located on.

So what’s the catch? Well, we won’t put any advertising on the page, and your emails are secure located on our servers.
There are just few small limitations you’ll have to live with:

  • The Basic-Mailbox is NEW upgraded to 2GB.
    Larger mailboxes are available through our business  Zimbra Hosting service.
  • New: there is full Zimbra Desktop & 2013-2021 Outlook working and full FREE Mobile Activesync,  you have full IMAP, POP3 and web access via HTML/Ajax client!
  • you are entitled to the same excellent support as the rest of our clients, however our business clients are given priority in the support queue. Don’t worry though, we’ll address your concerns as soon as we can.

Sounds too good to be true? Your Basic-Zimbra Hosting account comes with no obligations and you can cancel at any time. We’re confident that once you see the potential of this robust and feature rich software, you’ll want to use it to enrich and grow your business. We love Zimbra, and we think you’ll love it too.

Click here to get started with your Basic-Zimbra Email Account

Updated: 5.02.2015

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