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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose MrMail when it comes to Zimbra Email solutions

  • We offer very competitive pricing, plus you get the added advantage of having dedicated people working for you so you get the BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. Our competitors may not be able to offer you this level of dedication
  • We manage the remote workforce workplan, our team integrates fully with your team at your location, ensuring that you are not talking with a service but with real Zimbra hosting professionals who will give you real responses
  • In today’s environment, making things happen (and happen fast) is ultimately dependent on whom you know. Our core management team are well connected in the global Internet community, so we can offer you this real world advantage
  • Our people are very dedicated, we do not outsource our services and all Zimbra servers are directly managed only by our technical team
  • We have great connectivity and very low downtime, providing you with consistent service quality
  • Our main server and network backbone is located directly in the United Kingdom, however we are also able to offer servers located in Switzerland, Germany, Canada, USA and Asia, including Tokyo, Japan. We ensure that you get the best email hosting for your money
  • We can keep a watch on your business services from the outside by simulating end user actions, so you have real feedback on how responsive your services are
  • We work with you to improve your internal systems so that your customers have an efficient and reliable service from you, and so you can deliver the best value
  • MrMail Backup is connected to an self owned Professional Secure Private Cloud “Swissdatabunker”, located in Switzerland, world best warranty for your Data-Backup. You can also Profit of Swissdatabunker Service for your Company Backup-Data.

There are many email providers out there, and some are free.

So why pay for MrMail services?

MrMail offers professional email services and we’re entirely dedicated to providing user-friendly and reliable solutions. We have been doing this for over 10 years, and spend all our time improving our services and providing support for our customers.

The experience we have accumulated running high-end Zimbra email systems, and the personally tailored support we provide will benefit your company from the outset. We help you get started and are ready to assist whenever you need us, or if you have questions about Zimbra and email in general.

MrMail takes care of your email and this means you can focus on running your business. Paying for email hosting is a sound investment that will save you time and money in the long run.

Read on to learn more about how we deliver the best value and customer support in the industry,
or start your  Zimbra 30-day trial right away.

MrMail are real people

MrMail gives you personal support via email and and telephone week, all year long. With our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of email systems and Zimbra Collaboration Suite, we can help you with any email related question.

We know that reliable email can be mission critical, and how frustrating it can be when it doesn’t work as expected. With MrMail you can be assured that your email will work right away — we will help you get started or move from another provider, and help resolve any problem that might arise.

MrMail is ad free

The MrMail Zimbra email service is absolutely ad-free. Some free services not only display ads next to your email, but analyze your messages so that they can show related ads in your web browser. Some services even put ads at the end of your email in the message body. You don’t see them when you write your message, but they appear in what your recipient sees.

MrMail and Zimbra is entirely neutral and clean, while other services unethically put more and more effort into tuning their ad offerings, compromising the professional integrity of your correspondence for their own private benefit.

MrMail protects your privacy

MrMail is regulated by strong privacy legislation that protects your data. We enforce a strict Privacy Policy that ensures no one but you can access your email.

MrMail protects your personal information

MrMail will never use the contents of your messages or other personal data in any other context. Some other companies will, and if you read their terms and conditions carefully, they reserve the right to use, reproduce, and publish content you send through their services.

MrMail is value driven

At MrMail, we are committed to conducting our operations and our business in an ethical manner that centers on our customers and the environment.

We treat our customers with respect, and don’t try to “lock in” users like some companies do — instead we offer maximum flexibility and go out of our way to give you exactly the service you want.

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