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Zimbra Reviews

“I am so happy I made the switch to Mr. Mail free zimbra hosting service for all my email needs. I was able to keep my own email, and they provided me with 1gb free! There are no ads like other email hosting sites (Yahoo, Gmail) so everything looks really simple and clean. Plus, they have POP3 connectivity so I can connect my address to my iPhone and never miss an email! Mr. Mail is great, thanks guys!”

-Jason Kingston


“After another small-business owner and I were discussing business communications he told me about Mr. Mail. I loved fact that I could have up to 5 business email boxes for all my employees FREE was incredible. There are no disgusting ads to make the entire thing appear unprofessional to my staff; it’s great. The customer support is there if I need them, and I can update anytime I expand my business. Under $3 a month that’s a STEAL in the business world to say the least!”

-Daniel Novak


“One of the best email cloud hosting sites by far! I have a home business and needed a system that was no nonsense. I got their home package for under $30; I have all the space and email boxes I need for my business and staff without the major price tag. Incredibly cost effective and does the job without any worries for me and my business!”

-Stacy Hunt


“Mr. Mail has been the best value for me and my money. I’ve tried other email hosting sites before but always came up short whether it is in cost, email space, or customer service communication. I can access my email one via mobile or computer, and they provide a calendar for all my scheduling needs. The service provides straightforward information and email-hosting services that make my life easier. Very happy customer!”

-Mark Gladwell


“After having tons of spamming troubles with email services on both Yahoo and Gmail I had to find a service that was effective but still free. Mr. Mail was just that, they provided me with a free simple service that ended up being much better than I expected. They have so much to offer me like zero ads, storage in their hosting cloud, mobile, and calendar services that I couldn’t be happier! Thanks to them I receive no more spam! I love that I found Mr. Mail! I just wish I had done it sooner!”

-Jessica Stam


“I needed an affordable email hosting site for my small computer business. I’m a Linux user so there aren’t really many affordable providers out there for me that am fast and stress free to use. Zimbra has changed that for me though! They provided all my requirements I needed and more. They are always improve and making upgrades to their site, which I love, and at just $0 a month I can’t complain. Really great company and impeccable.”

-Derek Johnson


“Hands down the best thing I have done for my business, having a email is a little unprofessional in my line of work to say the least. No one wants to hire a lawyer at a firm with that sort of email. Zimbra changed that all for me though, I was able to create professional emails, and even signed up for their web hosting that was available for under $1.50 a month. Pretty incredible! My firm is saving so much more money thanks to Mr. Mail, my accountant is going to be very happy with me.”

-Susanne Boyd


“You would think a major company like Go Daddy would provide affordable web hosting for Apple users, wrong! Mr. Mail is the most affordable and one of the few that provides email and web hosting for Apple users. The Zimbra system really makes you appreciate good business, they’re affordable through and through and provides top-notch CURRENT service. Updates are regular on the site, which is great, I got more and more additional as a user and nothing is wrong with that! Keep it up! :)”

-Heather Connelly


“Zimbra is easy the most convenient system I had used par none. By running a large-scale business I don’t have time to worry about all the technical stuff, and if I have any issues the customer service is right there to answer all my questions. I can easily schedule appointments with my clients, and my staffs schedule in one place. The layout provides easy navigation, all while providing an endless array of business tools to keep my business running smoothly. Thanks Mr. Mail, you guys are truly top-notch and it shows.”

-Mark Hall


“I was ready to launch my business online and didn’t know who was the better pick, with Zimbra feature comparison chart it was clear who I had to choose. There were so many things Outlook doesn’t do that I would end up running into along the way and having to go somewhere else. Mr. Mail saved me so much time and money, I love that I can change my packages any time I like, so I can growth my mail hosting services as my business grows. I don’t have to worry about paying for anything until I need to space. Till then, I can have all my services in one place and transition without ever risk leaving anything behind. Glad I found them.”

-Jeff Mckinney


“I am impressed with Mr. Mail’s quick and professional customer service. I’m not tech savvy so they were able to answer all the questions I had for me and help me take my small business to the next level. One of the best emailing and web hosting systems I have ever used. I will never switch from Zimbra, there the lowest and most affordable company out there. Thanks!”

-Linda Thompson


“Zimbra has helped me run my business error free. It’s like having my own personal assistant without the payroll! I can access all my address books, emails, and business contacts from my smart phone or any computer. No more saving business cards, or sticky notes. This system is fantastic!”

-Natalie Fisher


“There is no other comparison! My employees are able to connect the Zimbra emailing service on their own choice of system via Outlook or Thunderbird. Zimbra lets me access all company calendars at in one place. Not only that they have instant messaging so that I don’t have to pick up the phone to talk to my staff. Everyone is able to contact his or her business emails on any device, no matter if it’s Blackberry, iPhone, or Android. No costs of having to buy my staff phones they can connect and they’re ready to go! One of the best emailing systems, and it’s all free!”

-Matt Wilson


“Mr. Mail has no more to offer (free, mind you) than other hosting sites. It’s almost embarrassing to say I used any other service before this one. You can’t get any better than Premium Zimbra Services. You guys have changed the way I do dramatically to business.“

-William Parker


“There isn’t many premiere email hosting sites here in England, the only ones that are cost a fortune. I was worried I’d have to compensate my professionalism with what I could truly afford. Thanks to Mr. Mail I was able to keep my professional image and more. It’s a free service but it’s all I will ever need to use. Everything I need is in one place, and people think I’m paying hundreds of dollars a year for this incredible service. They’ve made me look even better to my colleagues and clients than I ever thought possible.”

-Brett Stevens


“Nothing is worse than calling a company and getting someone you can’t understand, readying scripted service advice, from a noisy call center. Thankfully Mr. Mail is not one of those people. I was so glad to see they didn’t have one of those services, and didn’t believe in it. I love a company that knows that being small yet accessible is all about. I know that when I contact them with a question, there is concerned individual assisting because they care, and not getting paid nickels. Love the small business, big service business they have.”

-Michael Beck


“All I can say is Zimbra service is top of the line! I really appreciate a service like this that’s not only professional and cost effective, but isn’t clustered. They offer all the things I need in an update to manner. Wonderful customer service and overall great company.”

-Janett Stirling


“Managing my online business has never been easier! All my tools are in one place at Mr. Mail, I have yet to know of another company that does it all for UNDER $10 a month. My site, my employee emails, calendars, and more! Zimbra is fully integrated to the 21st century and it’s messy like other sites. Great work!”

-Ken Datmen


“A business owners dream. You’d think a major company would already offer this, but no way! Advanced in it’s own right, and I can’t believe it’s free! I only upgrade when I need to, so much be offered. I’ll be lucky if I huge all the tools they have to offer.”

-Dave Oreal

“My business was a complete mess till I started using the Zimbra services, my assistant was able to set it up all for me and it’s saving my business so much money. Everything is right there on my phone, so while I’m on the go driving around meeting clients I have everything I need on one platform. It’s all-together, and I do not have to log into several different sites to get all the information I need. Huge time saver!”

-Rita Moore

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