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What are the Benefits of Zimbra Email and Collaboration Server?

Every organization has access to basic email or a standard email server, but fewer have shared calendars- and fewer still mobility or document management. That’s a serious loss of potential productivity- and often legacy platforms contribute to this imbalance by presenting complexity and financial obstacles relegating most organizations to limited functionality.

Next-generation platforms like Zimbra Email and Collaboration Suite offer solutions to these and many other common pain points by providing innovative features for end-users and IT administrators at lower total cost-of-ownership (TCO).

Common Organizational Platform Challenges

Existing solution

Email (POP / IMAP) server only

Legacy email and collaboration platform (Exchange, etc)

Typical pain points
  • No group calendars or shared address lists
  • No desktop or mobile sync
  • No backup and restore
  • Windows-centricity
  • Administration is complex and time consuming
  • High cost
Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) benefits
  • All versions of ZCS offer a complete email, contact, calendar and document management suite (included free Open Source Edition).
  • Network Edition features full enterprise-class administration capabilities plus mobile and desktop sync (of mail, contacts, calendar).
  • Zimbra’s innovative AJAX experience puts Windows, Mac and Linux end-users at complete feature parity.
  • ZCS is based on highly scalable open source technology and provides simplified administration tools.
  • ZCS runs on Linux or Mac OS X commodity servers.

Zimbra’s Innovative End-User Experience

Delivering a powerful and more flexible web-based experience is a major component of the Zimbra mission. Traditionally, email has been largely a client-focused experience on a single desktop (which is fine for some users) but can limit productivity (fewer features, no anywhere access, not cross-platform). Zimbra’s AJAX web experience liberates end-users by providing the best of both worlds (looks like a client but works on the web).

icon world Why Zimbra?

Work anywhere

The Zimbra AJAX web experience works on any computer; email and files travel with you.

icon mobile Why Zimbra?

Go mobile

Over-the-air sync to iPhone and BlackBerry plus virtually any device via our mobile web experience.

icon clock Why Zimbra?

Be more efficient

Large inboxes are easy to manage with Zimbra Tags, Conversation Views, and the Visual Search Builder.

icon email clients Why Zimbra?

Your client, your choice

Zimbra also syncs with Outlook, Thunderbird or any other standards based clients that support POP/IMAP and iCal/CalDAV.

icon allinone Why Zimbra?

It’s all-in-one

Email, calendar, documents, files and instant messaging are integrated.

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