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Zimbra Key Features

The Zimbra Collaboration is more then just hosted email, it provides a rich set of email, calendar, contacts, IM, and documents, with full cross-platform support. Native integration on Windows, Macs, and Linux desktops means that Zimbra hosting already fits your existing set-up. Check out the features below to learn about how Zimbra Hosting can work for you and contact us today for a demo account to try it for yourself.

Key Features:


  • Conversation & message view
  • Tags & Flags
  • Search/Search Builder
  • Integrated RSS/ATOM feeds
  • View attachments as HTML
  • Keyboard navigation
  • POP Aggregation
  • Multiple User Identities
  • Rich HTML editing
  • Custom Filters
  • Personalized user themes & viewing preferences
  • Automatic inbox refresh
  • REST interface (RSS, ATOM, ZIP)


  • Group scheduling
  • Free/Busy
  • Resource scheduling
  • Resource attribute search
  • Alerts
  • Internal/external/public sharing
  • Publish/subscribe
  • Multiple calendars with overlay views
  • Color-coding
  • Inline create/drag appt
  • Inline accept/decline
  • Quick add appt from any context
  • Mini-cal with hovers
  • REST interface (iCalendar)

Address Book

  • Multiple Address Books per user
  • Contact Card or List views
  • Address Book sharing
  • Address Book color-coding
  • Drag/drop contacts across Address Books
  • Browse by first letter
  • Search within Address Books
  • Internal/external/public sharing
  • Import/export contacts
  • REST interface (CSV, vCard)


  • Upload files and access them from
  • any browser and share with others

Tasks List

  • Create and track multiple “To Dos” lists,
  • and share with others

Sharing Model

  • Share with: Internal, External, or Public
  • Share with individuals or Distro Lists
  • Consistent model across applications

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