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MrMail Important News starting 2015

News starting 2015: MrMail,  in Switzerland based company, recently converted the free mailbox services into the paid Basic Zimbra Mailbox including full Mobile Sync,  and this means that clients can get a full offline Zimbra mail experience that puts the service one step ahead of Gmail, Yahoo mail and the like.

Your Zimbra Mail Service is now full compatible with Outlook 2013.

Gmail and Yahoo offer no true offline email client that also comes with document and calendar sharing, task and contact syncing, and so on. While Google now has its file cloud service,Google Drive, it still isn’t able to offer a mail experience that is the same offline and online and provides the benefits of the Cloud all at the same time.

This means that most of us still only have two options: we can either go ‘full cloud’ with our email and be forced to access our email and document sharing through something like Gmail and Google docs using a browser, or we have to go the traditional Exchange route and use applications such as Microsoft or Apple. Richard Menzer, MrMail CEO, says the difference with Zimbra is that both of these worlds are now brought together.

“Users can access their email from anywhere in the world using any Internet browser, and users can also install the Zimbra Desktop client on any PC, Mac or Linux regardless of their operating system. In both instances the experience is exactly the same – the way in which email is read, typed up, and filed is the same; plus the way in which documents and calendars are shared, tasks are synchronised, contacts are synchronised, or follow-up flags are created (a feature Gmail does not offer) is the same. What’s more, document creation and all the client’s Zimlets are available both online and offline using the desktop client,” he says.

Zimlets are plugins that users can add in to their Zimbra email experience, much like an App on the iPad or what Google Labs offers on Gmail. The difference with the latter, however, is that Zimbra is an open source email server– meaning there are dozens upon dozens of Zimlets that users find very useful. And the list keeps growing, since the community is creating these applications. Google Labs, on the other hand, is very limited and offers very little at this time.

“What’s more is the Zimbra desktop client works across operating systems – from Windows to Mac to Linux to Android– and the experience across these platforms is, once again, the same,” Richard Menzer says.

The experience is not limited by browser either, unlike with Gmail where some features work better on Chrome. Plus, Zimbra mail is also accessible across smartphones for mobile access and all Pad`s with WiFi and/or mobile access.

With MrMail’s mailbox offering, anyone can start to enjoy the power of Zimbra and 1GB of space for email in the cloud. Zimbra is even used by a number of large business to SMB and SME business, and even government and education establishments, to a wide range of service providers.

“MrMail’s privacy policy includes no advertising to clients as the company collects no information whatsoever from its users. Plus its mailboxes can be fully rebranded according to the client’s needs, and clients can even choose where to deploy – on their premises, a public server or in the Cloud,” Richard Menzer says.

MrMail also has very competitive pricing with its paid Zimbra mailbox services.

About MrMail

MrMail is a Switzerland based company that provides IT Services and related solutions to businesses throughout the world. Since 1992, MrMail has provided personalised online and ICT services to its clients with highly competitive pricing. For more information, please visit