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Black Top Shopping Selects Cloud Hosting to Support New E-Commerce Division

Internet Publisher Client turns to Cloud Computing Expert to Support Global media Distribution and Secure Retail Transactions announced that Black Top Shopping has selected a cloud hosting solution built on the VMware Zimbra Premium Services platform to support their new e-commerce division to help the company manage growth, provide additional security, improve their website network client services and boost its profitability.

Launched in 2010, Black Top Shopping is owned and operated by D&DS Subsidairys, a Nevada corporation. The company provides print and video media coverage on the global fashion industry, along with discount and rebate offers, expanded operations to include retail jewelry sales in 2011. The primary factor in making its decision was the global distributed server network that’s VMware Zimbra Premium Services platform provides which is essential to delivering high speed response to its audience around the world. cloud hosting allows the company to consolidate its media publication and retail operations conserving the company’s financial resources even as its network continues to expand.

“ Cloud Hosting is the ideal choice because it helps us in three target sectors essential for our growth,” said David E. Smith, President of D&DS Subsidairys. “First, it reduces our hosting overhead – giving us the ability to use services on demand, reducing the time and resources that would be required in traditional hosting; second, it provides the speed and efficient delivery we need with the global server distribution allowing each geographical area to have immediate access to our services; and third, MrMail Cloud Hosting significantly improves our collaboration capabilities making it easier for us to respond to customers anywhere in the world from a local network.”

Working with Suneva Webcasting, Inc., provided Black Top with a solution consisting of a VMware Cloud Server, LinuxCentos 6.3 operating system, Nginx webserver with an Apache backend and Parallels Plesk 11 administration panel. The solution helps the company to deploy services and interactive features to cater to the fast developments in the retail fashion industry, bringing down the deployment times of specialized services from days to hours.

“With the new e-commerce division, the ability to integrate their network seamlessly was the primary concern; both their contributors and website visitors desire a secure and fluid experience when they access the different sections of Black Top The growth in their operations faced a significant challenge in managing the diverse demands from each of these divisions using traditional hosting. MrMail’s VMware Zimbra Premium Services Cloud Hosting provides them with an integrated system and the flexibility needed while reducing their costs,” said Oliver Bross, CEO of

TheVMware Cloud Hosting Systems offered by provides clients with an viable alternative to traditional hosting models, where multiple applications require significant financial commitment to set up and maintain.

About BlackTopShopping

D&DS Subsidairys, Inc., founded 2003 has its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a branch office in Brooklyn, New York. The company launched Black Top in 2010 which publishes news and information related to the retail fashion industry.

About MrMail

The main headquarters of Mr Mail Ltd is in the United Kingdom, This Internet services company has provided secure email hosting along with cloud based web hosting and related business solutions to businesses around the globe since 1996. For more information on MrMail Cloud Hosting services visit: