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Why choose Zimbra over Microsoft Exchange?

Zimbra is an email server and client that was first created by Zimbra, Inc. but is currently owned by Telligent Systems. At present, this free email client is owned by Telligent Systems. On the other hand, Microsoft Exchange is also an email server client that provides both client side and server side services. Microsoft Exchange is essentially a server program that runs on a Windows Server. Both of these email server programs have attracted a lot of attention over the past few years, as ZImbra provides stiff competition to Microsoft Exchange. Whereas Microsoft Exchange is an industry standard, Hosted […]

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What are DKIM and SPF and why should I use it?

Email validation solutions are very important for companies that require protected communications. There are a number of different kinds of systems that are used by companies in order to make sure that the sending and receiving of emails is done in a proper manner. Both DKIM and SPF are considered to be methods, or systems which are used to provide additional security and increase the ease with which a person or an organization can view its emails. Both DKIM and SPF serve different purposes, however.


The Domain Keys Identified Mail is a process that can be used to connect a […]

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Using Zimbra Briefcase

Zimbra Hosting has become a very viable alternative to people who are looking to remove Microsoft Exchange from their offices. Zimbra 8.5 provides a number of options that you can’t get with your standard version of Microsoft Exchange, and the positive reviews that Zimbra has received has made it an extremely good product. The paid version of Zimbra comes with a variety of different features, such as cloud networking, mobile computing and Zimbra Briefcase. For users who are not acquainted with this feature, the Zimbra Briefcase allows you to upload files and save them in your mail box, and […]

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The Importance of Email

Email, or electronic mail as it is commonly known is a very popular means of communication throughout the globe. Previously, people used to communicate with each other using letters and post cards, but when email was first introduced, it completely revolutionized the way people used to communicate with each other. Whereas people had to wait for days before their letters were successfully received and replied to, email made it a matter of minutes. Now, email has become such a crucial part of our lives that we can’t really live without it. Here are a few pointers that underline the […]

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To pay or not to pay for email services

One of the very important questions that companies should ask themselves is whether they should pay for hosted email services or not. Email is such an important mode of communication in the world of today that it is almost impossible to avoid using it in your business. Email is used by large companies and individuals both in order to communicate in real time. With services such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! Mail becoming ever popular in the market, making an account is very simple. It doesn’t take long at all, and you can start using your email in as […]

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Importance of using own domain for emails

Using your own domain for email is very important, especially for companies and firms. However, a lot of people are likely to question this statement. Aren’t Gmail and other email services such as AOL or Outlook good enough? Why go for a separate domain for your email address when you can just create an account for free? There are several reasons why using a personal domain for your emails is a much better option for businesses and professionals.

First of all, considering the massive amount of applications and services for which emails are being used,  most companies want to make […]

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Email and Collaboration Benefits

Zimbra is a unique email client that provides a number of different benefits to users. First of all, it eliminates the shortfalls of Microsoft Exchange, and provides a very smart interface that automatically connects to your mailbox and cloud services in order to provide a seamless email experience. Zimbra is full of different features, and because it is based solely in the browser. This provides for a feature rich experience with as minimal memory usage as possible. Here are some of the best Zimbra Email and Collaboration Suite benefits:

It provides a seamless connection experience

By using Zimbra Email, you will […]

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Short Zimbra 8 Review

Zimbra is fast becoming one of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Exchange, and thanks to the range of different features that it has introduced; Zimbra 8 has quickly garnered a lot of public acclaim. ZImbra 8.0 places heavy focus on cloud computing, and aims to create an infrastructure that provides complete services directly from the cloud. A number of new features have been added, and the release on a whole is a lot more stable than compared to its previous versions. Best of all, ZImbra 8 also provides a free trial option. You can download and use Free […]

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Why pay for professional email services?

You can easily sign up to email services such as Gmail and Outlook with as minimal hassle as possible. These free email services are widely known, and all you need is to provide simple verification in order to get started. Yet, when email functionality is available for free, why is it that most professional companies make use of paid email hosting services? Paid email services are providing the same essential email functionality, except that they charge payment for it, right? So why do people spend so much money on professionally hosted email services, you ask? Here are a few […]

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Cloud Email- The next big thing

With the advent of cloud computing, a whole host of different companies, universities and firms have begun to adopt the approach of cloud email. Rather than create email servers on campus and set up dedicated infrastructure, ranging from email backups, reducing the support time for emails as well as off load maintenance, etc. to create server based antivirus, email filtering products and various others, companies are looking to set up their whole networks over the internet, allowing for a lot of cost cutting and ensuring maximum support as well.

Cloud email services are much easier to use and manage. Companies […]

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