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Business Marketing with Zimbra Services: Team-up for Website Success-Part 1

Although the headlines are full of dour financial statistics, online micro-business is booming and it’s not just because of one reason. However success anywhere is not the result of one person’s effort; you need solid technology services behind your website to keep it “live” and online around the clock.  With promises of “99.9% Uptime” on just about every web hosting company website, it’s not enough to simple read about what they have to offer, you have to be sure that it’s what your online business needs to make progress. That begins with knowing your product or service inside-out to have a clear idea of what you want the website to enable your visitors to do.

Recently Joomla released version 2.5, but believe or not it will take many months before the extensions are made compatible. It’s much the same with web hosting services; if your web hosting company is behind the times in server applications and software, your business will not enjoy the full measure of success that it could. This is not only important in how fast your pages load into the browser; it also impacts the search engine robots who index your website as well. When these little minions encounter too many technical problems accessing content, they exit the site and then you can forget about your search engine rank improving.

Online business is a simpler to begin in 2012 than it was in 2005, and can be very risky business indeed, if you fail to take the time and look beneath the surface to see how effectively the web hosting service can perform. Open Source is the cutting edge that keeping Internet developers and organizations on their toes. Zimbra Services brings a wealth of experience with hosting and communications together in customisable packages that put your website on the radar of people who are searching for your opinion, service, product or interest.

There are a lot of articles directed to the online small business owners which is very helpful in a lot of ways, but if you are a one-person-show, you may not get all of your questions answered.  The lure of fast cash and low start up costs is a reality; you just have to make the right choices.  Part 2 of this article will review some of those right choices that can save you lot of time, energy and money.