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Business Marketing with Zimbra Services: Team-up for Website Success-Part 2

Successful search engine marketing for your business is a lot like putting a puzzle together; you know what the picture is supposed to look like, but what you have to work with is a lot of pieces with tiny fragments of the picture.

Your primary marketing tool is an important piece of the puzzle. Keep in mind is that descriptive keywords such as ‘amazing’ or ‘exotic’ are not the words that most people will start their search with unless it’s part of the product or service they are looking for.  The keyword is related to what you have to offer; for example you could use the words flick, films or movie instead of videos. The more relevant your domain name is to your website content, the easier it will be to be indexed in the search engines.

Next the most important is selecting the right “home” for your domain. The question is “Who can you trust?” along with “How much is this going to cost me” to get the straight-skinny you have to understand what the functions of your website need to operate properly.

For example, WordPress is one of the easiest ways to get your online business up and running because it has evolved into a full content management system. The problem is that not every extension works with the latest version, so you have chose your theme and the plug-ins carefully.

It’s good idea to create a list of questions related to the requirements from the fine print of the application is useful to see whether or not the webhosting team is knowledge about the hosting. Make sure you are satisfied with your pre-sales experience with the webhosting company before you sign on.

With the Zimbra Services and Open Source technical know-how at, there is a dedicated team of professionals at work day and night to make sure your website is fully available to anyone who wants access. Plus you have one of the best email clients in the cyber world. Customer-centered marketing needs the ability to respond to demand instantly, so put the Zimbra hosting Services team to work supporting your website and step up to a new level of success.