MrMail 2016 – New Prices – Big Discount for annually payments

MrMail 2016 – New Prices – Big Discount for annually payments

Starting 2016 MrMail is offering you “Big Discounts” for all annually payments.
Exsisting monthly payments can be upgradet.
Order Now!

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Filter of .ZIP Files prevent TeslaCrypt and Alpha Crypt Ransomware


MrMail has upgrade the MX Filter of .ZIP Files, to prevent TeslaCrypt and Alpha Crypt Ransomware

Version 8:

Encrypted File Exntesion:

Location of data file on disk:
Not Used

Location of data file in registry:
Not Used

Location of log file:
Not Used

Data file protected:

Decryption key offset:

This version doesn’t use any data files and decryption key is not stored on computer. There is not known way how to decrypt files without Tesla’s private key or a purchased decryption key.

Can be decrypted?
Can only be decrypted if victim was able to capture the key being sent to the server at the time of encryption.

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Server Maintenace 21.-22. November 2015

We have update Server Maintenace on 21.-22. November 2015
we have some Mail-Service outage in this time,
the Mails are waiting in the pipeline on MX1 and Mx2

Sorry for any inconvenience

Update 22.11.2015 21:00GMT+1 – all is running fine

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MrMail Business Hosting, Professional VPN Backup, Dedicated Server Hosting, Domain registration

MrMail is offering now packages of  Business Webhosting, Dedicated Serverhosting, Professional Backup, Domain registration.
Order now your professional Service here

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New Mail Policy

MrMail email policy is simple and applies to all customers – max 100 emails per hour / 1000 emails per day.
We were forced to setup the limits due to large amount of spammers wanting to compromise our system and lover the value of our services.
These policies are in place to protect you – our customers and to allow us to provide you with the best service possible.
MrMail is mainly intended for normal business usage and not for sending our mass emails or marketing emails or newsletters.
Any mass email activity may lead to to the detection of unusual activity in […]

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Maintenance on Amsterdam Node 24. -27. August 2015

> > August 24, 2015 from 0700 to 1200 CEST (GMT +2) – Amsterdam Node Feed A maintenance
> > August 25, 2015 from 0700 to 1200 CEST (GMT +2) – Amsterdam Node Feed A maintenance
> > August 26, 2015 from 0700 to 1200 CEST (GMT +2) – Amsterdam Node Feed B maintenance
> > August 27, 2015 from 0700 to 1200 CEST (GMT +2) – Amsterdam Node Feed B maintenance
We are very sorry about this issue, but was outside our competence range.

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New MX settings for user with own Domain

We have setted two Security Server for AntiVirus & AntiSpam
following new MX settings are valid for your own domain DNS settings:  – Priority 5  – Priority 10

the old settings are still running a while.

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MrMail Backup Mr Mail – iPhone – iPad – iPad touch

MrMail Backup Mr Mail – iPhone – iPad – iPad touch – Innovative News MrMail works now on tripple Backup – local full Backup – external Backup – 24h delayed 2. external Backup We working on the best Sync sollutions for you: Sync your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Phone & Pad, Windows Phone & Pad, BlackBerry

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Basic-Zimbra Upgrade 5.02.2015

The Basic-Mailbox is NEW upgraded to 2GB.
Larger mailboxes are available through our business  Zimbra Hosting service.
New: there is full Zimbra Desktop & 2013 Outlook working and full FREE Mobile Activesync,  you have full IMAP, POP3 and web access via HTML/Ajax client!
Red more here…


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MrMail Important News starting 2015

News starting 2015: MrMail,  in Switzerland based company, recently converted the free mailbox services into the paid Basic Zimbra Mailbox including full Mobile Sync,  and this means that clients can get a full offline Zimbra mail experience that puts the service one step ahead of Gmail, Yahoo mail and the like.

Your Zimbra Mail Service is now full compatible with Outlook 2013.

Gmail and Yahoo offer no true offline email client that also comes with document and calendar sharing, task and contact syncing, and so on. While Google now has its file cloud service,Google Drive, it still isn’t able to offer […]

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