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Cloud Hosting the Zimbra Way: Secures Online Business control, Easy Management and Connection Power for SMEs Focused on Growth

Providing a stabilised global web hosting infrastructure built on the rock-solid reliability of Zimbra Vmware businesses gain responsiveness and flexibility

The tremendous increase of online business ventures from start-ups to established companies since 2007 is no surprise to MrMail, the UK-based Zimbra Service Provider. As one of the first web hosting companies online since 1996, MrMail has a unique perspective on the foundation required for businesses to succeed. With the advent of cloud hosting, the landscape for online companies has changed. Zimbra Cloud Hosting provides Internet businesses with a seamless transition from the restraints of traditional shared hosting to the scalability of global server distribution.

The term ‘global business’ has been used frequently in the past but the reality fell short of the ideal until cloud hosting technology came of age. Now the ability to distribute information, goods and services to any point on the globe is easily achieved by SMEs without heavy expenditure. Any company stepping into the online marketing arena today needs a forward-thinking web host. MrMail supplies customers with the tools and room for growth they need along with the ability to respond quickly to the demands of their market. The Zimbra Service platform provides robust performance, scalability and adaptable service usage that allows companies to seize opportunities quickly. With the on-demand capabilities of cloud hosting, businesses can streamline their budget and organise their marketing activities more effectively.

The combination of all of these factors is what makes the level of service provision by MrMail outstanding in cloud web hosting. As one of the essential services for conducting business online, choosing Zimbra Hosting Service Provider MrMail ensures companies the power and control necessary to compete in the global marketplace. Businesses no longer have to endure the restrictions of shared hosting , the limitations of a single server or be uncertain about how to navigate their business on the cloud. Cloud hosting provides extensive resources without intensive labour or configuration time. The result is higher productivity to enhance the profitability that leads to growth.

Yet none of these benefits would be of use to SMEs without being affordable as well. MrMail Zimbra Service features are bundled to provide companies with an economical way to foster their growth. MrMail has established the solid foundation to create the responsive Internet presence a company requires. Each of the features can be customised to support the management and communication tools used within the organization and for interaction with their customers. To discuss your particular needs and how MrMail can configure cloud hosting for your business, contact our customer care representatives at sales(at)mrmail(dot)com.

About Mr Mail

The main headquarters of Mr Mail Ltd is in the United Kingdom, This Internet services company has provided secure email hosting along with cloud based web hosting and related business solutions to businesses around the globe since 1996. For additional information, visit the MrMailwebsite at