By becoming a Web Hosting Reseller you can operate your own web hosting company. But that is just the beginning of the story. To make this decision profitable, use these tips from MrMail, a web and email hosting provider that has been in operation since 1995 and is one of the most stable companies using Zimbra Email Services.

What is a Web Hosting Reseller and How Does it Work? 

Operating a company that offers the number of resources required for the websites of today is complicated.  It requires more than money; you need experienced and qualified staffing to install, configure and maintain all of the hardware and software involved. Since not everyone has both the finance and the staffing to go along with it, the next best option is to partner with a company that has all of the necessary elements already in place.

When you become a web hosting reseller, you have access to all of the resources of the parent company to brand and offer to your market at a price point that is most attractive to them. This allows you to narrowly define your market ‘niche’ the group you want to receive your message exclusively. For example, your market could be small businesses and your ‘niche’ could be professionals such as architects or lawyers.

But no matter what market you choose, you will have competition. The difference between individuals who succeed as web hosting resellers and those who fail has a lot to do with the web hosting parent company that they choose and the level of preparation they apply to the task.

Not all web hosts are the same and the first consideration has to be customer support; remember you are selling the resources of the company, but you do not control them. If something goes awry with the hardware or software, you much be able to have access to immediate assistance to correct the situation. MrMail Web Hosting has helped hundreds of resellers operate their ventures successfully.

In the next part of the series, marketing your web hosting services will be examined in more detail along with how to prepare for the tasks.