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Email and Collaboration Benefits

Zimbra is a unique email client that provides a number of different benefits to users. First of all, it eliminates the shortfalls of Microsoft Exchange, and provides a very smart interface that automatically connects to your mailbox and cloud services in order to provide a seamless email experience. Zimbra is full of different features, and because it is based solely in the browser. This provides for a feature rich experience with as minimal memory usage as possible. Here are some of the best Zimbra Email and Collaboration Suite benefits:

It provides a seamless connection experience

By using Zimbra Email, you will be able to make a secure connection to personal cloud networks. You can sync your Zimbra Mailbox with various devices and smart phones, and with support for Android, iOS and Blackberry, creating a connection is very simple. More importantly, all of this is done while still making sure that desktop compatibility as well as your calendar clients are working smoothly.

A new, smarter mailbox

The Zimbra mailbox has been redesigned and is now a lot smarter than before. Zimbra hosting allows you to manage your social networks, voice, email, tasks, calendar and all other enterprise applications with efficiency and ease. Access to the ZImbra mailbox is also easier, and accessibility has been greatly improved; you can access your accounts both offline and online, check synced emails and contacts and also provide a synching option to sync mobile phones and tablets.

Uses fewer resources

One of the greatest benefits of using the Zimbra Collaboration Suite is that it takes much less administration time as compared to Microsoft Exchange, around 33% less. The high scalability of Zimbra provides an easy option for IT professionals to manage their email and get done with their work by using significantly less resources. On the other hand, there is much less risk in the Cloud as well as on the setup, which leads to lesser costs.

A range of features

Zimbra Collaboration Suite provides a complete collaboration solution with a full-fledged feature rich email system and a calendar, allowing users to connect to their personal clouds along with real time syncing. The ZImbra Network Edition, on the other hand, provides top of the line enterprise level administration features, including mobile and desktop sync facilities.

Communications are unified

The minute you install Zimbra, you will be able to integrate with Cisco and Mtel using visual voicemail, history for call records, click to call facilities, as well as instant messaging and online status/ presence. With the help of open APIs, you can also connect to various other unified solutions.

It is a very reliable interface

Zimbra comes with various migration tools, a full backup and restore option, clustering and a very detailed command line interface. Moreover, it also includes an AJAX Admin Console which provides more security and even greater control to users.
The Zimbra Email and Collaboration Suite is a great option for people who are looking to move away from Microsoft Exchange, as it is completely free, easy to use and has a range of features.