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Facebook Timeline Optimization Techniques You Can Use Right Now

First Step to Facebook Timeline Optimization

Let’s continue our quest to squeeze out every bit of search engine optimization for your website by using Facebook Timeline optimization techniques. Here are a few remedies to the most pressing question for most webmasters how  max out the advantage of this new service?

Just to review, it’s really important to consider which social media networks will give you the best return on your investment of time and effort. With an amazing array of platforms to choose from you could find no time to breathe
if you attempt to utilize all of them.  However probably the one thing that should be a priority is to be consistent. Without a time management plan for your website and social media tasks it will be more difficult to measure your results.

How to Effectively Use Images on Your Facebook Timeline

Before you begin, review the Facebook Timeline image guidelines. There is a very extensive list of images that are not permitted.  Steer clear of these or you risk  having your Timeline shut down.

In Tip Number 1 from the first article in this series, the focus was on the visual impact of the Facebook Timeline; using images to engage your visitors. Now let’s look at how to select your ‘Cover’ and ‘Profile’ images.

Tip Number 2:  Your Cover image should capture the essence of your business. This image should let your visitors know what your business is related to: for example a collage of your best products.  Whichever images you choose make sure that it’s easily identifiable and the purpose is clear; if your visitors cannot recognize what your image is, this defeats the purpose of using it.

Ideally the images you use should evoke curiosity; they should have a story behind them that makes your visitors want to know more about it. When the image accurately reflects your business,  is clear and crisp as well as compelling, it becomes a powerful marketing tool.

Tip Number 3:  Choose a dynamic profile image that encourages action.

Selecting an image that motivates a person to click on it is the goal.  Every time you post your profile picture icon provides you with the opportunity to engage readers to explore your website.

Reward your audience when they show interest in your profile by adding a call to action.  Think about this: what do you want to people see when they click on your profile photo? What activity can you suggest? You could give them a way to get more information or connect them to a special landing page.

Tip Number 4:  Be attentive and loyal to your fans

Today the quest for popularity is in full swing, but many are forgetting that simply posting snippets from your website or promos for your latest sale is not enough.  Give your visitors a reason to ‘like’ you!

Your Facebook presence will be greater when you earn the reputation of being involved with your fans. Use the opportunity to talk to your visitors, post questions, ask them their opinion and respond to their comments, and be sure to include their name in the response. Address them by their name, create a community and give them access to
exclusive content by using the tabs at the top of the page.