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How to Get Your Money’s Worth from Shared Hosting

Micro businesses have a dominant presence on the shared hosting part of the Internet stage. But as many 1-person-moneymakers have discovered, part of the advertising claim of ‘unlimited disk space, domains, mailboxes, etc., is subject to interpretation.

Because of the high current demand for web spaces, many shared hosting companies are now finding that they must set a quota and if the client goes beyond that, the next level of hosting accounts will be suggested. Zimbra Hosting from Mr Mail does offer space commensurate with your subscription package.

For example, the quota could be based on the number of files in the account, which technically provides you with unlimited space.  So having 100 files at 5 GB is a lot different from 10,000 files weighing-in at 500 MB. But as more and more people join into the celebration of what they do and learn about what everyone else is doing, the applications and software that’s used to build all of these web spaces are becoming more and more sophisticated.  From the Server Admin Panel view that results in more and more files.

Let’s look at the ‘Quick-Start’ package that very popular with web designers who use them as their starting point for a concept for a client. These quick-start packages contain all of the files required to duplicate the original appearance and functions of the website.  But besides the dummy content that is packed with the application much like the Twenty-Ten theme in WordPress, the template that’s being customized will also have files and modules that you won’t use.

Here is the first tip on adding speed to your website page load:

If you decide to use a quick-start package, once it’s installed and checked for functionality, the best thing to do is first run a page load test of the site to see how fast it loads, then perform a full backup. Restoring from a backup is a lot faster than reinstalling the package again. Make a note of the file size for reference. Your Zimbra Hosting administration panel makes it easy to perform a quick back-up.

In the next part of this article, you’ll discover 5 more ways to shave milliseconds off the time it takes your website pages to load.