Defining a specific client profile or “target marketing” as a web host reseller is crucial today because of the level of competition in the Internet industry; these services are absolutely essential to have an Internet presence. The days of simply offering the generic model of any service or product and being able to successfully turn a profit from it are dwindling fast.

The example given in the previous post is the key to understanding the changing environment of the Internet. There are many people who remained unconvinced about the benefits of having a website until recently. If you really want to operate a web hosting company, your first task is to make sure you know what your market is looking for in web hosting and ensure that the company you partner with can provide these services.

Research the operational side of being a web hosting reseller which plays a big role in your success. You are using the resources of the parent company, but you are responsible for the marketing, pricing, setting up your clients and any problems that arise will come to you first. Although Mr Mail uses Zimbra by Telligent, we have our own physical hardware that we run the open source email client on.

It’s important to have a clear picture of what reseller web hosting services really entails to avoid unpleasant surprises. You need to have a good grasp of the functions of the Administration Panel your web hosting company clients will use; and make sure that you have set your prices at a realistic and fair rate as well as one that will generate profits for you. Mr Mail offers one of the best Email hosting services with Zimbra, and we have a great understanding of its inner workings so we can handle any and all support requests.

Choose a domain name that is relevant to the type of web hosting client you seek to attract. If you are a one-person show, resist the temptation to go toe-to-toe with web hosting companies with hundreds of employees. Remember that whatever claims you make will be tested and then you will have to deliver the goods: it’s really not feasible for one person to manage 1,000 support requests daily.

Organize how you will respond to your clients before, during and after they sign-on for hosting with your company. Providing prompt attention to their questions will generate valuable word-of-mouth advertising.

Make sure you have a clear channel of communication with the web hosting parent support team to be able to resolve these issues quickly. The support team at MrMail is always ready to answer your questions so that you can easily realize your dream of operating your own web hosting company. We provide great support with an excellent track record of responding to even our free email clients within 48 hours.