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How to Move Your Domain to a New Web Host

When you decide to move your domain website, you want to be sure that the transition from one webhost to another is seamless. MrMail Web Hosting suggests these 5 steps to make your move as simple as possible:

Create a Timeline

Organize all of the tasks you need to do and provide ample time to complete them. Clean up your file manager to prevent moving unnecessary files. Verify the file transfer protocol with your new host and have the accurate Domain Name Server (DNS) information for both your current and new web host. Keep your temporary URL at hand so you will be able to test your website. Create a list of your current server information in case you need to make changes for your scripts to function properly. Schedule the move for a day and time when website activity is low.

Manually Backup Your Files

Backup your files manually even though there are several different utilities that you can use. The problem is that these utilities may not be compatible with your new web host. Give yourself enough time to complete this process and make a list of your file structure to be sure all of your files are transferred correctly.

Announce the Website Move

Post a notice on your website to inform your visitors that the website is being moved to a new server at the scheduled time.

Moving Day

After your files have been transferred to your new web host, be sure to test your website using your temporary URL to be sure it is displaying and functioning properly. When everything is correct, login to your new web hosting account and change your DNS file information.

The First Week After the Move

If you do run into problems, return to your previous web host and make the necessary adjustments. Give yourself at least 3 days to make sure everything is running smoothly on your new web host before you close your account with your previous web host.

The staff at MrMail Web Hosting can assist you in moving your website to our servers. Providing web and email hosting services since 1995, our staff are experts at the technical and practical aspects of domain transfer and can guide you smoothly through the process. Creating a plan to cover all the bases is the most important step and can make your website move a lot easier.