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How to Prevent Website Identity Theft

Every webmaster should know that website security is a top priority. Security for customer information and other sensitive date are of the utmost importance. As a web hosting company, Mr Mail offers Zimbra Hosting Services which provide a high-level security applications to safeguard the websites on our server. However protecting a domain from being “hijacked” must be taken seriously by the owner as well.

Inadequate security can be devastating to a business; it can result in loss of income, credibility and the domain name itself. Which measures should you take on your own and what aspects of security your host should provide are the two vital things you need to know.

Because the Internet has become an accepted means of doing business, there are many unscrupulous individuals who will exploit hidden vulnerabilities in applications used to operate a website and web server. There are many people who operate online businesses that are not versed in the technical aspects of website design and management who are unaware of the potential hazard installing certain scripts may produce or what counter measures they can put in place.

In addition, there are also several web hosting companies that are lead by inexperienced individuals who may not know the best route to take to provide protection for their customer’s domains.

Both of these situations create the ideal climate for a thief to take advantage. While some malicious hackers will simply “tag” your website with a certain script to let you know they gained unauthorized access to your files, others go straight for the jugular and will completely divert your website to another URL or go one step further to steal your domain completely.

One way that website identity theft can happen is by gaining access to your domain registrar account. Your domains are transferred and if you do not stop the process, your domains will belong to someone else.

The best way to safeguard your domain from this nightmare, is to frequently check your domain registrar information. Change your password to your domain registrar and web server frequently. Make sure that your web host includes or allows you to include the coding for the .htaccess file that prevents your web server files from being searched via the Internet. Most importantly, be sure to choose an experienced web host and Zimbra hosting provider like Mr Mail who has the security applications you need.