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Importance of using own domain for emails

Using your own domain for email is very important, especially for companies and firms. However, a lot of people are likely to question this statement. Aren’t Gmail and other email services such as AOL or Outlook good enough? Why go for a separate domain for your email address when you can just create an account for free? There are several reasons why using a personal domain for your emails is a much better option for businesses and professionals.

First of all, considering the massive amount of applications and services for which emails are being used,  most companies want to make sure that their email accounts remain working for years to come. Having hosted email means retaining control over your own email address. Changing email addresses can not only be a hassle, but it can also result in a loss of data for companies. Let us roll back a few years. It is very probable that the first email account that you created was either a Hotmail or an AOL account. Fast forward to today, and the Hotmail domain is no longer available (Outlook has taken its place), while very few people make use of AOL today. So, who can guarantee that an external domain is going to last a long period of time?

Having your own domain makes sure that you can use the same domain for as long as you see fit. Companies generally use their own domain names because it provides longevity; they can use the same domain name for as long as the company exists. More importantly, domain names for emails have become extremely cheap. For just $5 to $10 on a yearly basis, you can get a domain name. Your hosted email is associated with your domain name and under your control for as long as you own it. You can also get access to the best email software that isn’t full of ads by switching to email hosting and ditching your free account.

If you choose to work with a good email service, you can get top notch email support on your mobile and tablet devices. For companies and small businesses, the future lies online, and having a personal domain name is a great idea for businesses.