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Innovative Communication Service Assists SMEs to Streamline Sales Process and Increase Cost Effectiveness of Service Delivery for Online and In-Store Operations

Just like many small and medium sized enterprise ventures in the UK, relies heavily on email and mobile phone services to keep in touch with their ink and toner sales representatives while they are in the field providing customer support or generating new sales leads. While the necessity of timely communication is an understood reality, the logistics of ensuring that every member of their team is kept abreast of developments throughout the organisation was a serious challenge; one that costing the company hundreds of dollars each quarter. Calculating the amount of time spent in the process of manually distributing information to every team member of our online and in-store operations served as the call to action. “We realized that the method of communication we were using was weakening our competitive edge on both fronts, stated Anthony David, the Proprietor of InkInkInk. “As a result our costs per sale in terms of time, energy and resources had risen sharply. We knew we had to find a comprehensive solution and clearly understood our business objectives. The recommendation of the Active Sync service was exactly what we needed. The system has performed extremely well, resulting in a marked reduction in expenses.”

After a thorough review of the company’s method of operation, it was clear that the pressing need was to implement a method that would synchronise the communication channels to work as one and have the ability to automatically update information provided by any member of the organization, whether working in their Internet division or their brick and mortar store in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire. The solution provided by was to bridge the gap between the company’s email and mobile communication network with VMware Zimbra ‘Active Sync’ capability. Commenting on the capabilities that the system would deliver, Oliver Bross, Director of said: “Being able to receive email on a mobile phone or smart phone alone was insufficient. It was the collaborative features of the VMware Zimbra communications bundle that would enable the company to distribute information to every member of the organization with the surety that any changes would be instantaneously relayed to each recipient and decrease their marketing costs.”

Every member of the organization is now able to share information with colleagues and directors quickly and efficiently whether they are using email or a mobile phone, regardless of their geographical location. VMWare Zimbra Active Sync affords multiple members of the team the ability to view an email simultaneously. This provides the ink and toner representatives the up-to-date information that helps them monitor and respond to support requests more effectively. Analyzing the effectiveness of the new system over the past three quarters has shown a progressive decline in marketing costs per sale and a significant increase in team member productivity.

Part of the reason for the impressive results has experienced is due to the intuitive user interface; the VMware Zimbra Collaboration suite is compatible with both the Windows or Linux operating system with a desktop client backup should Internet access become unavailable. By utilising the networking server and support, has been able to increase their billable hours while maintaining their commitment to providing their customers with significant cost savings on the indispensable ink and toner office supplies.

About InkInkInk

InkInkInk, was founded in 2002 with a no nonsense approach to customer service; the goal is to provide ink cartridges and toners at the most realistic price to the end user. Today 75% of the company’s sales are derived from returning customers.

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The main headquarters of Mr Mail Ltd is in the United Kingdom, This Internet services company has provided secure email hosting along with cloud based web hosting and related business solutions to businesses around the globe since 1996. For more information on MrMail VMWare Zimbra Collaboration and Communication services visit: