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Mr Adds ‘Think Free’ Web Office Suite to Cloud Hosting Service Packages

Online Documentation Capability plus VMware zimbra virtualization Services speeds Collaboration, Development and Production Cycles

Small businesses in the UK and around the world often struggle under the weight of managing the myriad of details involved in collaborating between partners using various documentation applications for text, spreadsheets and presentations. This problem becomes more unmanageable when members of the organisation are in different geographical locations and time zones. offers these companies a viable alternative with the ‘Think Free’ Web Office Suite that works with the VMware Zimbra cloud hosting service packages. The result is a full spectrum array of virtualization services that support their communication and information management requirements online. The addition of Think Free Web Office extends from collaborative documentation creation to a secure and scalable Internet presence.

Operating a company today requires maintaining an Internet presence. While the website itself can be developed from several different applications, the planning and organization begins with documentation prepared on personal computers. Currently many companies are utilising Google Docs for its capability to work with Microsoft Office products, but the result has been less than ideal. Including the Think Free Web Office applications addresses the shortcomings of Google Docs and bridges the gap between document creation and business hosting. Now members of an organisation can access documents via mobile devices as well as laptop, desktop and their personal cloud. The incorporation of these applications smooth the path to managing, operating and producing goods and services enabling companies to keep pace with marketplace demands.

Recognizing the unique needs of growing companies, VMware Zimbra cloud hosting; has tailored service packages that remove the limitations presented by the demands of maintaining a typical business hosting configuration. Utilizing the VMware Zimbra cloud and theThink Free Web Office, the distance between business planning documentation and website content display has been dramatically shortened and operating costs reduced.

Think Free Web Office integrates seamlessly on Linux servers as well as Windows or Apple operating systems. Using the combination of cloud hosting and web office applications, provides small business with an additional layer of security for their documentation as well as the confidence to be able to provide documentation that is up-to-the-minute current. This capability enables companies to be responsive to breaking news, product developments and milestone events in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace. With 15 years of service provision supporting small business enterprises that have big ambitions, VMware Zimbra cloud offers peace of mind and the freedom to focus on the core purpose of your company that is vital for success.

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