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Mr Mail Doing its Bit for the Economy

Mr Mail’s one-year free premium Zimbra email solution for start-ups is being received well so far.

Mr Mail, a UK based company, recently began to offer a one-year free premium email solution for start-ups, based on the Zimbra email feature set that includes a Cloud solution, productivity suite, and unlimited web hosting, plus more (explained below). The promotion has been received well so far.

Start-up companies which are a year old or younger qualify for the solution. The beauty of it is that there are no strings attached – the client is able to opt-out anytime they want, and after the first free year is up the client is not obligated to sign up for the service.

Mr Mail is offering its top product in the solution – which ordinarily costs £5.49 a month ($8.61 or €6.59). All-in-all, Mr Mail’s solution can save not only a start-up but a normal company a lot of money, as it offers an email service that is superior to an Exchange hosting solution.

Oliver Bross, Mr Mail CEO and an entrepreneur, says in his experience the saving a company can make is anything in the range of £7000 – about £4000 for set-up and £3000 in the first year for maintenance – if the company goes for an Exchange solution.

“But Zimbra email offers more than just an email solution but also includes a productivity suite, a cloud sharing service, and an email application that offers the same experience across any platform (Windows, OS or Linux) and on any browser,” he says.

This is ideal for small companies where each employee / partner in the company may have their own choice when it comes to operating system or hardware. One might prefer Windows while the other prefers Apple. The technology enthusiast of them all might prefer Linux. But instead of having compatibility issues between email – such as meeting requests going wrong, an inability to share and collaborate with calendars, documents and address books etc. – Zimbra’s experience and solution is the same across the board.

“Plus it comes with a desktop client to download email onto the desktop with a true offline solution – something that Gmail, for instance, cannot provide. Mr Mail’s Zimbra solution offers you both the power of the Cloud and the power of the local,” says Bross.

Besides all this, companies often have to spend a great deal of money on extra needs such as antivirus support or webhosting. Naturally, these are offered free with Mr Mail’s start-ups solution.

It’s also easy to plug in existing solutions that a client might be making use of, such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and others. Zimbra email makes it easy to download email to these clients which the user can rather use if it is preferred.

“These are tough economical times and we don’t need technology to hinder us but rather to help us. The trouble is, often that help comes at a cost – if not money, perhaps our privacy or our information. We don’t cost the client anything, not even their information. Our email serves up no adds and everything is completely private and in the hands of the user,” Bross says.

“Starting up a company is hard and most companies fail in the first year, with the owners left to pay exorbitant costs in technology solutions that they might not even be able to use on their next venture. Since we have the ability to help ease that cost and the risk, we’ve decided that it’s one of the best ways we can play our part in helping start-ups and the economy,” he adds.

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