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Mr Mail Launches Free Business Email Solution for Start-ups

Start-up companies can enjoy Mr Mail’s premium Zimbra email solution, which includes unlimited webhosting, document sharing, anti-virus, full privacy and more, at no cost for a year.

Mr Mail, a UK based company, has launched a new free email solution for start-up companies and entrepreneurs, where companies can get the premium Mr Mail mailbox and unlimited webhosting solution for one year at no cost with no strings attached. Acquiring a secure email solution, like Microsoft Exchange or a Small Business Server, can be quite expensive for a new company – but Mr Mail is now offering any company that is a year old or younger a free solution.

The free solution provides the company with five client licenses with Mr Mail’s Professional Zimbra Mailbox. With it being Zimbra mailboxes, that also means that businesses receive a Cloud productivity-suite (with document creation and sharing, etc.), all included.

Oliver Bross, Mr Mail CEO says this could save a start-up company in the range from about 4000 pounds up, for initial set-up of the mailboxes, as well as about 3000 pounds for maintenance in that first year. That excludes the cost that a company might face in choosing a productivity-suite.

“With this solution there is no start-up fee and everything is free for the first year. There are no strings attached and there is no vendor lock-in – the client can cancel at any time and when their year is up, they can move onto another solution if they want, with no problem at all,” he says.

Bross, an entrepreneur himself, understands the costs – including many of the hidden or unknown costs attached to having an email server, such as anti-virus solutions, backups and maintenance – that start-up companies have to face.

“For start-ups, this is a huge investment, and without e-mail a company cannot exist these days. So much can go wrong in that first year. At least now this is one of the many costs that start-ups don’t need to worry about and they can get on with doing their business,” he says.

Mr Mail’s solution allows for clients to have email on their own domain name (in other words, their email address can be anything they choose). This provides the right professional image for a company. Moreso, the package includes unlimited webhosting, which provides another huge saving to start-ups.

What the Mr Mail Professional Mailbox offers

Mr Mail’s Professionally Hosted Zimbra e-mail solution includes 8GB of storage space, an anti-virus and anti-spam solution, plus unlimited web hosting, in addition to several other advantages. It’s worth noting that the service also offers complete privacy – there are no adverts served to clients and no information is gleaned from the mailboxes. It provides all the right security that a company would require.

Zimbra is an email solution that comes with a number of added benefits. Users can engage in document sharing, calendar sharing, contact sharing and creating tasks, in addition to receiving and sending out email, all through the application that both exists online in the Cloud and through a locally-installed (optional) application called Zimbra Desktop.

This shows that the solution is not just about email but about empowering businesses with a productivity-suite that they can access through any browser on any platform. The full Zimbra solution provides the same experience on Windows, Mac or even Linux, both through a browser or through the Desktop client. With the strength of the Cloud, tasks can be performed anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. The Zimbra solution also works on Mobile (Android, Blackberry and others).

With all this in mind, a start-up company on a serious budget can work around the major costs involved in setting up software and email through looking at a free Linux OS such as Ubuntu, which comes with a number of its own productivity applications, and going through Mr Mail’s Professional Zimbra Mailbox service, which is free to them for a year.

“There are thousands of businesses starting up globally and our free solution to these start-ups is for anyone in the world,” says Bross. “There are no hidden terms and conditions.”

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About Mr Mail

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