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MrMail Cloud Hosting Brings Productivity and Collaboration to Small Business Owners

Mobile Web Integrates Seamlessly with Zimbra Services for Better Communication

Today more businesses are utilizing mobile web technology to enhance both their employees productivity and customer care response time. With more employees distributed around the globe rather than in one location, cloud hosting and collaboration services are becoming essential for small business to remain competitive in the marketplace. is working with companies in the United Kingdom and around the globe to assist them to implement the full suite of VMware Zimbra Services for cloud computing that are designed to be scale-able and easy to customise to fit the needs of any size business.

There have been many reports forecasting the future of cloud computing as the next logical step in the way we communicate and do business. In the 2012 “Future of Cloud” survey by revealed that SaaS (Software as a Service) is being embraced by businesses large and small; the respondents to the 2012 survey increased by almost 50% from those that responded to the 2011 survey.

While large corporations have Information Technology departments to manoeuvre through the maze of configuration possibilities, entrepreneurs operating micro-businesses and small-to-medium sized companies are struggling to make sense of what this means for the future of their ventures. offers these business owners the best of both worlds to enable them to achieve unprecedented growth with the state-of-the-art combination of a premium suite of cloud computing tools from VMware Zimbra Services and cloud-based web hosting. Together these services not only streamline their operations but save them a tremendous amount of money that would normally be directed to the purchase of hardware, software and support. Mr Mail does this by providing hosted Zimbra at off-site locations, along with technical support and maintenance.

With communications at the core of business operations and mobility of the workforce on the rise, cloud computing, email and collaboration services flow seamlessly through the cloud hosting network. This allows everyone in a company to be instantly updated on project changes and customer care issues can be addressed by support personnel within the locale of the customer virtually within seconds of receiving the request.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have a rock-solid partner to depend on for their cloud computing needs that is an all-in-one solution and easily scaled to serve the enterprise as it expands in scope. is committed to the provision of globally distributed cloud computing services to enable businesses to benefit from the fastest response time possible. With the VMware Zimbra Services cloud collaboration suite, all aspects of business operations online becomes easier. Utilizing these tools companies have the ability to enhance their profits and productivity through the traditional Internet access via desktop clients, thin clients and the mobile web as well.

About Mr Mail

The main headquarters of MrMail is in the United Kingdom, this Internet services company has provided secure email hosting along with cloud based web hosting and related business solutions to businesses around the globe since 1996. For additional information, visit the MrMail website at