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Online Productivity and Data Protection in Focus for VMWare Zimbra Premium Service Clients

Responding to the market demand for easier access to integrated hosting, communication and Internet applications, has actively introduced SME clients to the potential of cloud computing to provide these solutions. VMWare Zimbra Premium has become the option of choice for its scalability and intuitive user interface. Now as more clients have begun to the transition from traditional hosting and communication services, has responded to the security issue concerns with a series of whitepapers focused on the applications SMEs use daily such as electronic mail, WordPress and instant messaging.

The appeal of cloud hosting and communication services to SMEs is the on-demand facility of the services that are beyond their reach in a traditional hosting environment. However although security measures are a priority for both cloud and traditional hosting, the methods and implementations are different. MrMail has compiled the measures that SMEs need take to secure their business website applications, financial transactions and data communications online in the “Cloud Hosting Security Education Series” with the first set of whitepapers to be distributed in December.

Oliver Bross, CEO of commented on the security education initiative: “As Internet technology continues to advance, quite often on the benefits are revealed to potential clients. For example, financial transactions via smart phone mobile devices are currently being promoted by banking institutions using their secure channel. However small business owners are unaware that this is not a built-in feature of cloud hosting. The Cloud Hosting Security Education Series will give them the facts they need to responsibly take the additional steps required to secure the mobile channel on their website that is used for financial transactions. Without these security measures in place, these small business owners cannot meet the compliance regulations set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.”

Protecting both their Internet assets and their customers sensitive financial data is paramount for all companies transacting business online. Because cloud hosting is structured differently than traditional hosting, it also has specific security issues that differ greatly from traditional hosting. The goal of the Cloud Hosting Security Education Series is to increase the SMEs ability to limit the vulnerability of their business website to the more sophisticated types of scripting attacks that are aimed at compromising their database and transactional business forms that customers use on their website.

The Cloud Hosting Security Education Series is focused on the four major areas where SMEs are most at risk; communications, applications, databases and hosting servers. The whitepapers include a comprehensive overview of the PCI standards and certification process for financial transactions as well as the best business practices to secure website and database application from the risk of identity theft. The goal is to provide SME with the practical information they need to access their website operations and adjust their usage of Email Clients and Content Management Systems so that they can protect their information.

There is no charge to register for the Cloud Hosting Security Education Series. The first set of whitepapers will be delivered on December 15th. More information and registration forms are available on

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