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New Vision of Integrated Cloud Services from VMWare Zimbra Provider Launched to Help Small and medium-sized Businesses Experience Accelerated Growth

Software as a Service Closes the Communication Gap Between Online Merchants, Suppliers and Customers

Cloud computing is now a reality for many large firms who are rapidly adjusting to the “Post-PC” era, however the same is not true for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs). Focusing on the advantages of cloud computing for companies with less than 100 employees has not received the same level of attention. announced today that the company is launching an initiative on January 7th to address the issue that hampers the growth of these companies with an online presence: the lack of integrated virtualization and communication services. Using the full range of capabilities offered by VMWare Zimbra Premium Services, SMBs can accelerate development and deliver to market faster with less cost. The new vision is to incorporate the full circle of company interactions to reduce labour costs, increase productivity and customer satisfaction. This will be done through the provision of hosted Zimbra Email and Collaboration Suite and other services.

The key benefit of virtualization has been centralized operations from a software applications management pool with access from anywhere. has offered this capability through its cloud hosting and email communication services for several years. Over the years as the Internet technology has advanced, it became clear that these companies needed a way to manage and communicate with everyone in the big picture of their offline and online business; from suppliers, vendors and distributors to their customers Now the focus has expanded to incorporating the tools and services that will provide true collaboration and more effective communication between all of these parties to benefit their market.

Beyond providing web space and email for SMBs, the idea behind the initiative is to give these companies one source for the tools they need to maintain and operate a successful online business. This includes services like VMWare SocialCast which brings all of the people who have a role in the company together for access to information and ideas. Staff members are able to create dialogues with each other and their social media audience. Vendors and suppliers are able to keep their finger on the pulse of how their wares are being utilized and how they can be improved. Management is able to quickly scale applications for operational efficiency. Customers are able to provide feedback or obtain support faster. And everyone is able to be on the same page due to instant synchronization of information across a broad spectrum of devices.

“The Internet provides companies with unlimited sales potential, but not without some adjustments to the way they do business. Doing business globally presents several challenges and without effective communication and management tools, such as the VMWare Zimbra Virtualization Services and Collaboration Suite an online business can quickly become frustrating and disorganized,” stated Oliver Bross, CEO of “It’s our goal to provide an integrated service offering that will enhance the productivity of each of our business clients by reducing the amount time spent searching for solutions.”

All interaction is driven by the company’s business objectives. To enhance their online presence, the initiative provides includes Search Engine Optimization and Website Security services. To participate in the initiative, business clients will receive an evaluation to address the crucial factors of their Internet business operations from the client side and server side. This evaluation becomes the basis for providing companies with the most up-to-date methods to communicate the benefits of their products/services to their market effectively while reducing costs. For more information on the integrated service provision visit

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