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Optimize Your Facebook Timeline to Enhance Your Website

It’s a definite fact that search engine optimization for your website can benefit from social media support. So to suggest that a website owner optimize their Facebook Timeline to enhance their website sounds like good advice, right? The problem that many face is that they have just completed creating a Fan Page.  Profiles, Fan Pages and now Timelines have many webmasters and marketers becoming frustrated with the major changes Facebook has introduced in rapid succession over the past 2 years. Here’s how you can turn frustration into a benefit.

The Problem with Facebook

The truth of the matter is that it’s a time-consuming process to work through the process of developing these support promotional tools. Although the concept sounds simple, it’s laying the groundwork, i.e. getting Developer API keys and working through the maze of Open Graph protocols and variables that can easily consume hours of your time.

To stay current with your market today, both search engine optimization and social media applications are crucial; Facebook has transformed the way the web works and how website operators manage and promote their goods and services. While that may sound very generalized, considering the people-power Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now Pinterest represent, not even those with deep pockets can afford not stick close to the updates to stay in the flow.

Getting Started with Facebook Timeline Optimization

Although the transition to the Timeline format from Fan Page may indeed cause more than a little frustration, it may actually turn out to be a good thing, especially for small business owners. This new design makes it a lot easier to  highlight their products, engage their customers, put the spotlight on special audiences much more effectively. The $1K question is: how do you make time in your already over-crowded “to-do” list to take advantage of these new services?

To achieve balance between all of the tasks you have to do to keep your website in the contest for the attention of your audience you first must:
• decide which social media platforms are the most valuable to your business
• determine the purpose each will serve and how often you will utilize them
• set aside at least 1 hour a day for your social media tasks

Tip Number 1: To optimize your Facebook Timeline to enhance your website, is to take a cue from the success of Pinterest and focus your attention on story-telling power of images. Then engage the visitors to your Timeline to “like” what they see and visit your website for more information.

In the next article we’ll look at several other Facebook optimization techniques you can use to increase the motivation for your visitors to interact with you on this social media network and your website.