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Reputation Management: Advantages of Zimbra Personal Web Hosting vs Social Network Page

From the beginning, the draw of using Facebook as a promotion tool was that it provided an easy way for individuals to reach an audience without much investment except for time. However, as the popularity of social networking has increased, so have your options to successfully accomplish this goal. While Facebook Fan Pages are the socially trending method of the moment, it’s far from enough to successfully manage your Internet presence. Beyond content and graphics that you use to represent yourself on Facebook, your actual control of the framework is very limited. As opposed to being restricted by the dictates of a social network, Zimbra Personal Web Hosting provides you with the most viable way to have total control of all the aspects of your online identity.  Today more than ever, having an authority source of information that you control is vital to protecting your reputation and Zimbra hosting gives you that control.

While everyone has focused on the benefits of exposure via social networking as the key to attracting more sales, today the process has become quite involved and technically challenging. Facebook page templates still fall short of the measure of potential success when compared to registering your domain name and securing personal web hosting. The misconception that using a mega network is the fast track to success is quickly giving way to the reality that it is the network that benefits more than the individual. The focus on structure as well as content that you control is the necessary foundation to anchor your social network activities and reduce the risks of misrepresentation.

Today all of these factors are being brought together under the umbrella of ‘reputation management.’ Securing a Zimbra personal web hosting account provides you the tools to successfully control what information is published about you and regarded as valid. Rather than being limited by a pre-defined format, establishing your own domain allows you to shift your attention to how to best express your own creativity to showcase your talents. With this ever-expanding realm of options your opportunity to connect and communicate with your social network audience will gain more credibility and authority than a Facebook page alone can guarantee. Zimbra is also an open source email server that gives you access to great tools to enhance your web presence.