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Savings plus Scalability Built-in to Zimbra Services and Cloud Hosting

Smart business puts its money on saving resources whenever possible. Especially for independent entrepreneurs and companies with 10 employees. The majority of online businesses deal with multiple vendors for services such as web hosting, domain name registration and Internet access. The challenge is to make sure all of these pieces fit well with those coming from you. When it comes to your business objectives, scalability plays a big role in your success and these resources have been tightly connected until recently.

By using Zimbra hosting you have the ability to pay for the resources that you use. Up until now, you paid for storage along with a bundle of services, applications and scripts that you may not need or ever use. Immediately it’s clear where your business has the best chance to thrive. The same holds true with your communication needs. While Zimbra Email Services have a great many options and features, available, you have the option to create the set of tools that’s right for your business and pay only for what you need. That makes sense regardless of how much profit your company may generate.

In the previous article, “Zimbra Email Services and Cloud Web Hosting: A Great Business Match” a company that had outgrown shared hosting could move to a virtual private server or dedicated hosting. Of the two choices, VPS usually is the less expensive, but is not offered by every hosting company. To pay for the under-used resources that are included in dedicated hosting is prohibitive for most companies with 1 to 5 employees.

On the other hand, with cloud hosting you can make use of a resource for a specific time, and be charged only for what you use. When you no longer need and use the resource, you will no longer be charged for it. The ability to have the resources you need the moment you need them allow you to have more control of your website management and maintenance. Couple this reality with the outstanding Zimbra Email Services your communications and email marketing promotions will be totally in sync.