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SMEs Can Experience Higher Revenue Generation Using Zimbra Email Marketing Suite at

New cloud hosted strategies reflect the influence of social media

The use of the mobile web has expanded due to the 4G network and it’s expected by 2015 more people will access the Internet via their mobile phones than their desktop computers. Looking at a forecast of 16.6% annual growth in the use of the mobile web and 40% of the world’s population be online, forward-thinking companies are taking a cue from social media in their approach to email marketing. offers businesses and entrepreneurs the VMware Zimbra Email Marketing suite to connect them with their customers on the move.

Instead of taking the “shotgun” approach with a series of auto-responder scheduled messages alone, with Zimbra Services email marketing becomes part of an integrated communications centre. This means a more streamlined experience for the business operator and a more rewarding, interactive exchange for the customer.

The influence of micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter has left an indelible mark on the way we communicate. includes the email marketing suite to provide the intuitive, browser-based AJAX user-interface with the features that become part of Internet users expectations. Options such as distribution list mail management, drag and drop, social connections for conversations, shared tagging, along with auto-filtering of bulk mail give businesses the means to respond to customer queries faster and engage with them on several different levels.

Taking email marketing to the next level of social interaction also requires attention to the formatting of the message itself. The advent of social media has made delivering a message with only 140 characters commonplace. Today people much more responsive to subject lines and media links including video email and with click trough analytics tools in the Zimbra Collaboration Server bundle businesses can easily gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The Premium Zimbra Services offered by is paving the way for the transition to cloud computing with a unified system of communications that can be extended and customised to suit the preference of the user. These intelligent mailbox services have the capability of managing information delivered by email and voice as well as social, calendar, address book activities and tasks for individuals and for enterprise applications.

As the post-PC era draws closer on the horizon, provisioning of cloud hosting and mailbox services are proving to be the boon to their profits many companies need that’s as easy for them to implement as it is for the end-user to manage. While many service providers are focused on isolated parameters of the potential of cloud computing, is using Zimbra Services to bring that vision into a reality for hundreds of businesses around the world.

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