MrMail web hosting customers often ask questions related to Zimbra Services and search engine optimization. Here are four of the common mistakes webmasters make in their quest to have their Internet business ranked high on Google, Yahoo or Bing:

1.    Fighting to be ranked No.1 in Google without a unique advantage: You will never be able to accomplish this without separating your offer from the herd of the competition.  You must answer the question of what makes your product or service more beneficial to the visitor than the next website offer in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

2.    Having SEO goals that don’t match your business goals: Expand your perspective to understand search engine relevancy. If your domain name is, but your content or SEO keywords include information about popular diet pills, that provides no connection to your domain for the search engine robots that index your pages or the web users seeking information about plumbing equipment.

3.    Failing to pay attention to your audience feedback: Comments and feedback from your website visitors should be acknowledged and analyzed. Is it a request for information, a compliment, a suggestion or a criticism? Whatever the case may be, take action on it in a concrete manner and be sure to thank the person who made the comment.

If a visitor orders a product or service from you follow up with a thank you note that includes a customer satisfaction survey. This information can be used to create content for your website that provides new visitors with more confidence in your product.

4.    Getting caught up in the SEO fray: Battling to be number one in providing customer satisfaction is better than just holding down the top spot in Yahoo, Google or Bing.

The MrMail Web Hosting team offers Zimbra  Hosting Services to help you build your business website fast and easy so you have more time to focus on your customers. Take your search engine optimization to the next level by steering clear of these top 4 pitfalls to growing your online business.