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The Importance of Email

Email, or electronic mail as it is commonly known is a very popular means of communication throughout the globe. Previously, people used to communicate with each other using letters and post cards, but when email was first introduced, it completely revolutionized the way people used to communicate with each other. Whereas people had to wait for days before their letters were successfully received and replied to, email made it a matter of minutes. Now, email has become such a crucial part of our lives that we can’t really live without it. Here are a few pointers that underline the importance of email:

Email is very fast

Communication via email is very fast, much faster than standard letters, etc. Detailed information can be sent, read and replied to via email with as little hassle as possible. Nowadays, when time is of the essence, email connectivity plays a major part because it allows users to send messages and get responses in as little time as possible.

Email is free

Whereas sending letters and post cards required fees, sending emails is not chargeable at all; it is completely free. With free email servers such as Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Outlook and other free Email Clients, creating an email account is extremely simple. More importantly, sending or receiving email is completely free of charge. Even services like Zimbra email that let you attach your own domain to your messages and include cloud computing services can be accessed for free.

Email can be sent to numerous people at once

The good thing about email is that it can be sent to numerous people in one go. You can create a number of different lists, which will allow you to sort out friends and family separately, allowing you to send emails to several people in one go. This makes communication a lot easier.

Email plays a crucial role in marketing

Email is one of the most important modes of communication that are used for marketing purposes. As per the marketing survey results of last year, around sixty percent of the marketing on the internet was done via email. Email marketing has proven to be very effective, even due to the introduction of spam filters and various other types of anti-spoofing filters, email marketing has still proven to be one of the most effective types of marketing on the internet.

Email provides effective communication for companies and employees

Now, employees need to be made aware of changes in the company on an immediate basis. Thanks to email, this can be done quite easily. Companies can send emails to their employees on the go, allowing for effective communication between the employees and the administration.

Email provides effective mobile communication

Android, iOS and Blackberry all provide seamless connectivity options and let you sync your email accounts. This makes it a lot easier for people to send and receive emails on their mobile phones only, allowing for effective communication. Mr Mail allows you to synch your Zimbra email with mobile as well, thanks to our partnership with ZeXtra.

The importance of email cannot be understated enough, primarily because it has become such an important mode of communication in all fields and industries.  Because all email conversations are recorded, it also provides record of the conversations, making it perfect for professional use.