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Trending on Email Marketing to Extend Your Social Influence

It’s no secret that social media links have become as common in email marketing campaigns as the informational signature. The big news is how Zimbra Services from VMware integrates the social tools that transform a mundane email marketing campaign into a  valuable message that is shared countless times over.  Email has been dubbed “the digital glue” and for marketing campaigns, social media provides additional “stickiness” that embeds the message in the memory of the recipient.

Along with sociability there is the mobility factor; businesses are rethinking their approach to email marketing not just by including or integrating social media links; they are also tailoring their messages in formats made famous by Twitter and Facebook. Using this method is ideal for the mobile small screen. The idea is to connect the dots between the email message, social media and micro-blogging  (aka “lite blogging”) websites like Tumblr.  Effectively making your email work harder by streaming the information across all these platforms from different perspectives. This strategy is increasingly gaining sway and these concise messages are rapidly being adopted by savvy marketers who want to be in the social flow.

Marketers who use email to share their message, are also keen on building credibility and trust. Email subject lines that reference a company’s Facebook or Twitter page increase the potential of being opened.  The value or specifics about the benefit to the reader in the subject line makes good use of the 140 character count rule to enhance the first impression. Part of that first impression includes the identity of the sender. In this age of fans, friends and followers, the last thing you want to do is send your message from a generic email like “” Give your reader the confidence of knowing that “”  is interested in starting a conversation with them.

By now it’s well known that people like the personal touch; addressing them by name instead of “Hello Friend.” But it’s just as important for them to know that their comments and suggestions are welcomed and will be taken seriously when they contact you. Pay attention to this feedback and the social conversations you have with them to improve your service or product that you feature in your email marketing.

Zimbra Services give you the ability to deliver your message to your audience, engage and interact with them whether they are using their desktop or mobile device.  Add to this the social media features that speed your response time and you have a winning formula for an outstanding email marketing campaign.




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