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Using Zimbra Briefcase

Zimbra Hosting has become a very viable alternative to people who are looking to remove Microsoft Exchange from their offices. Zimbra 8.5 provides a number of options that you can’t get with your standard version of Microsoft Exchange, and the positive reviews that Zimbra has received has made it an extremely good product. The paid version of Zimbra comes with a variety of different features, such as cloud networking, mobile computing and Zimbra Briefcase. For users who are not acquainted with this feature, the Zimbra Briefcase allows you to upload files and save them in your mail box, and then gain access to these files from any device which supports the Zimbra Email Client.

Zimbra Briefcase provides a great option for people who wish to carry personal or professional files with maximum security. You don’t need to put your files in a USB drive in order to carry them from one place to the next; just upload and save them in your mailbox, and then access them whenever you log in to your computer or mobile device, from anywhere!

Zimbra Briefcase provides you with the option of creating a number of different folders, so that files can be organized in a proper manner. This is a good thing, because a lot of people generally tend to upload all kinds of files. Zimbra Briefcase also provides considerable support for a variety of different kinds of files, ranging from spread sheets to presentations to word documents, images and pdf files, etc. Even the attachments that you receive via your Zimbra email can be saved in the Zimbra Briefcase. It should be known that the files which are stored in the Zimbra Briefcase are actually copies of the original files, so any changes that you make to the files in your Briefcase will not affect the originals. Here is how to create a Zimbra Briefcase and upload files:

Open your Zimbra Web App, and check the tabs at the top. Click on the one that says ‘Briefcase’. Then, on the toolbar, click on the button that says ‘New Briefcase’ and a dialog box will display, asking you to ‘create new briefcase’. Name the briefcase folder and make sure that the name is different from other folders in your mail box. Your briefcase is now created.

In order to upload files to your hosted Zimbra Briefcase, click on the Briefcase toolbar and click on upload.  Press ‘browse’ in order to find the file which you wish to upload. Click Add and the file will be added to your briefcase. It should be known that two files of the same name cannot be added to one briefcase.

File viewing in the briefcase can also be changed, by using the ‘View’ menu in the briefcase. Three different types of viewing options are available; Explorer View, Column Browser View and Detail View, which provides complete detail of the file; size, ownership, etc. you can also move files from one briefcase to another. All in all, using Zimbra Briefcase is extremely simple and easy.