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What do Small Businesses on Cloud Hosting Want?

Small and medium sized businesses are on the move online, but things have gotten a lot more complicated in the past several years. Cloud hosting is just one of the new options available that’s accelerating progress, but the real question is: what features do small businesses on cloud hosting want?

There are also more options for how you develop and maintain an Internet presence, the applications and services that you use are vitally important. This means more decisions about how you want to operate your online business; how much time, energy and money is involved. is focused on providing hosted Zimbra and other cloud services to the small business community and over the past few months we have interviewed small business owners about  Hosted Email and the other services that they need most.

Anyone operating a website business can tell you that getting visitors to their site is not an easy thing. But what most of them are reluctant to talk about is their frustration with finding the solution to the situation. The bottom line is that if your web hosting is not configured properly with the applications, tools and services to help your business grow getting your business on the first page of Google can be an almost impossible feat.

VMWare Zimbra is one of the most stable and flexible platforms to develop a business online. The entire set of services at your disposal are focused on amplifying your online results. We  at Mr Mail have developed partnerships with other companies to expand our hosted Zimbra service offerings as a new way of doing business on the Cloud. However to complete our New Vision Initiative we want your opinion, if you are a business owner or entrepreneur operating a business online, we want to hear from you. We’ve put together the list of items from small business owners in different industries. Let us know what’s most important to you by casting your vote for the features you would look for in cloud hosting services.