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Why pay for professional email services?

You can easily sign up to email services such as Gmail and Outlook with as minimal hassle as possible. These free email services are widely known, and all you need is to provide simple verification in order to get started. Yet, when email functionality is available for free, why is it that most professional companies make use of paid email hosting services? Paid email services are providing the same essential email functionality, except that they charge payment for it, right? So why do people spend so much money on professionally hosted email services, you ask? Here are a few reasons why professional companies often pay money to get the best email hosting services:

More Secure

Professional email services are a lot more secure than free email services. By making use of top of the line encryption systems, professional email services make sure that all communications are secure and the emails cannot be intercepted by any third party. For those who often deal in sensitive information, getting professional email services is a viable option because it ensures minimal interference from third parties.


Professional email services make sure that all of the emails are backed up in a proper, chronological order. This ensures that in case of a server crash or damage, the data is never lost. For companies and firms, making sure that their data is backed up is vitally important, and loss of data can be damaging to the success of the business. Often times, a couple of backups are created in different parts of the world, so even if the data is not accessible from one server, it can always be recovered via another.

No advertisements

Companies such as Gmail and Outlook provide their free email services to customers, and generate profits from it by their ads. The Google Ads service places ads right on top of your email window, which is the main source of earning on such pages. However, if you prefer to pay for professional email services, you won’t have to worry about ads in your personal email inbox. They are completely removed. This also translates into better service from your Email hosting provider. Remember, if the e-mail account contains ads and you’re using it for free then you’re not the customer, you’re the product.

No robots or crawlers

Gmail and other websites generally install robots in your computer that are used to scan through your search history and optimize the ads that are shown. Hence, if you have been searching for a specific thing on Google, it is very likely that the ads will also be of a similar nature. Most people don’t like such a blatant invasion of privacy, however. By getting a paid professional email service, you won’t have to worry about ads or robots.

Inboxes can be customized

Depending upon the nature of the company, paid professional services provide the option of customizing the inbox according to their needs. Most companies don’t require flashy inbox interfaces, and instead need something that is to the point and simple to use. So, companies can create a uniform inbox interface that is accessible to all employees. These are some of the reasons why most companies tend to pay for professional email services.