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Zimbra Email Services and Cloud Web Hosting: A Great Business Match? Part 2

The buzz is getting louder around cloud web hosting, in Part 1 of this article the cloud hosting benefits to websites who have outgrown shared hosting. Now let’s look at the fine print of how to make this opportunity work for you.

Although the difference may not be obvious, there is a big difference between hosting on a shared server and cloud hosting. On a shared server, your website is limited to the resources located there. With cloud hosting, your website has access to the resources of many servers. To match this level of power, in the traditional way would mean dedicated hosting.

The same way that Zimbra Email Services has leveraged email communication services to be more complete, the clusters of servers where your website is located offer the same capability. As you start to investigate cloud hosting, you will see that although there are only a small number of web hosts offering this service competition is fierce and the options may vary greatly.

The most important thing in regards to cloud hosting is the architecture followed by networking. The term ‘cloud hosting’ may be new, but it’s all part of the evolution of the Internet. Choosing which of the established web hosts that offer cloud hosting is best for your business should start with understand these two facts about them. From there the next questions should be about redundant backup power, data center location and security.

Although your website may be hosted on a “cloud” keep in mind that there are physical servers supporting it. If something happens to the data center, your website and thousands of others need the security of a solid ‘backup’ plan in case of disaster.

The scalability that cloud hosting provides is one of the most outstanding features; no more worrying about going over your shared server limit and more freedom to be competitive in your market niche.

To increase your productivity, matching cloud hosting along with Zimbra Email Services is the top-flight way to take your website activity to the level you want it to go.