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Web Strategy for an Engaging User Experience

Today’s online business operators need more than a website, you need a web strategy. Just as the Internet technology has evolved, so has the expectations of Internet users. Online micro-businesses owners are not the only ones jumping through hoops of fire trying to keep pace with the heightened demand for interactivity, social media, relevant content and oh yes, lest we forget–those precious back-links to authority and related content websites. What’s a webmaster got to do stay on top of it all?

If you are serious about making money online, then save yourself some grief and frustration by creating a flexible […]

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MrMail Cloud Hosting Brings Productivity and Collaboration to Small Business Owners

Mobile Web Integrates Seamlessly with Zimbra Services for Better Communication

Today more businesses are utilizing mobile web technology to enhance both their employees productivity and customer care response time. With more employees distributed around the globe rather than in one location, cloud hosting and collaboration services are becoming essential for small business to remain competitive in the marketplace. is working with companies in the United Kingdom and around the globe to assist them to implement the full suite of VMware Zimbra Services for cloud computing that are designed to be scale-able and easy to customise to fit the needs […]

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SMEs Can Experience Higher Revenue Generation Using Zimbra Email Marketing Suite at

New cloud hosted strategies reflect the influence of social media

The use of the mobile web has expanded due to the 4G network and it’s expected by 2015 more people will access the Internet via their mobile phones than their desktop computers. Looking at a forecast of 16.6% annual growth in the use of the mobile web and 40% of the world’s population be online, forward-thinking companies are taking a cue from social media in their approach to email marketing. offers businesses and entrepreneurs the VMware Zimbra Email Marketing suite to connect them with their customers on the move.

Instead […]

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The Other Side of SEO: Website Performance Optimization

Website performance optimization is not a new topic, but the discussion is certainly more in focus than in the past because of increased competition and new SEO guidelines.

After the last update in Google’s search engine algorithm, fur was flying all over the place as SEO service providers and webmasters scrambled to come to terms with the changes. While there is no doubt that back-links are important, all of the work involved can go right down the tube if you website takes longer than more than 1 second to load…and that’s even longer than the latest report stating that now […]

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Trending on Email Marketing to Extend Your Social Influence

It’s no secret that social media links have become as common in email marketing campaigns as the informational signature. The big news is how Zimbra Services from VMware integrates the social tools that transform a mundane email marketing campaign into a  valuable message that is shared countless times over.  Email has been dubbed “the digital glue” and for marketing campaigns, social media provides additional “stickiness” that embeds the message in the memory of the recipient.

Along with sociability there is the mobility factor; businesses are rethinking their approach to email marketing not just by including or integrating social media links; they […]

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Cloud Hosting the Zimbra Way: Secures Online Business control, Easy Management and Connection Power for SMEs Focused on Growth

Providing a stabilised global web hosting infrastructure built on the rock-solid reliability of Zimbra Vmware businesses gain responsiveness and flexibility

The tremendous increase of online business ventures from start-ups to established companies since 2007 is no surprise to MrMail, the UK-based Zimbra Service Provider. As one of the first web hosting companies online since 1996, MrMail has a unique perspective on the foundation required for businesses to succeed. With the advent of cloud hosting, the landscape for online companies has changed. Zimbra Cloud Hosting provides Internet businesses with a seamless transition from the restraints of traditional shared hosting to the […]

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Website Design Navigation for Search Engine Optimization

Use Website Design Navigation to Boost Your Search Engine Optimization
Navigation and Internal Linking
Creating a website design navigation that’s well organized helps your site get indexed and ranked faster in addition to making navigation easier for your visitors. Designing your navigation items with CSS, JavaScript or JQuery instead of Flash will also  help the search spiders find the pages faster. To top up the benefits of your navigation create  interconnected internal links with the proper tag elements.

For effective website design navigation, the goal is to organize your internal website links so that they connects your pages together and are easy […]

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SEO Friendly Website Design and Layout Tips

Design your Website to be SEO Friendly from the Start
Many designers overlook how they can make their websites more SEO friendly by including optimization techniques. In fact, search engine optimization really needs to begin from the domain name selection, but that’s another story. While it’s true that keyword density, META tags and backlinks are important SEO tasks; the way a website is designed along with the layout also play an important role.
Just as social media has changed the landscape of marketing, SEO is changing the way webmasters look at their designs. This is not just about functionality, but for […]

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Customer Focused Premium zimbra Service Provider Provides Advanced Security and Infrastructure Features on Revamped Company Website

Lock-down server security, advert-free email and blazing web hosting speed are just a few of the benefits of for new and established businesses.

The saying that “the Customer is King” has been the touchstone of business operations at since the launch of their website in 1996 offering business and free secure Zimbra email hosting service accounts. Internet technology has advanced rapidly over the past decade and today more than ever before, securing website communication and profit channels is the Number One priority for web business owners and the hosting companies they use. With the advent of ‘cloud’ hosting and […]

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Facebook Timeline Optimization Techniques You Can Use Right Now

First Step to Facebook Timeline Optimization

Let’s continue our quest to squeeze out every bit of search engine optimization for your website by using Facebook Timeline optimization techniques. Here are a few remedies to the most pressing question for most webmasters how  max out the advantage of this new service?

Just to review, it’s really important to consider which social media networks will give you the best return on your investment of time and effort. With an amazing array of platforms to choose from you could find no time to breathe
if you attempt to utilize all of them.  However probably the […]

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