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How to Get Your Money’s Worth from Shared Hosting – Part 2

In part one of this article the idea of how to reduce page load speed when using a content management system  was introduced. Now let’s dig a little deeper into the process.

You can actually improve the page load time with these simple tips:

(2) As you customize the template, begin disabling the components/modules/plug-ins that have no impact on the design as a whole or the functions of the website. Maintain your Module Manager View in ‘Enabled’ so that you can have an accurate idea of which functions and/or content is in play at any given time.

(3) Do the same thing […]

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How to Get Your Money’s Worth from Shared Hosting

Micro businesses have a dominant presence on the shared hosting part of the Internet stage. But as many 1-person-moneymakers have discovered, part of the advertising claim of ‘unlimited disk space, domains, mailboxes, etc., is subject to interpretation.

Because of the high current demand for web spaces, many shared hosting companies are now finding that they must set a quota and if the client goes beyond that, the next level of hosting accounts will be suggested. Zimbra Hosting from Mr Mail does offer space commensurate with your subscription package.

For example, the quota could be based on the number of files in […]

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Elevate Your Website Marketing Success with Zimbra VPS Hosting

One of the popular hosting choices for dynamic, growing online business websites is the ‘Virtual Private Server’ or ‘VPS.’ Zimbra Hosting Services are available in several different formats and recognizes that the needs of every company may differ. In general, for a website that receives a lot of traffic or has plans to expand operations to increase their traffic, there are many advantages to selecting a virtual private server to host your online business.

Reduced Expenses: Probably the major attraction for choosing a VPS hosting account is the maintenance costs which are considerably less than using a dedicated server. Several […]

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Mr Mail Offers a True Offline Email Client with Zimbra Mailboxes

Mr Mail, a UK based company, recently launched a free mailbox service offering and this now means that clients can get a free full offline Zimbra Email experience that puts the service one step ahead of Gmail, Yahoo mail and the like.

Mr Mail, a UK based company, recently launched a free mailbox service offering and this now means that clients can get a free full offline Zimbra mail experience that puts the service one step ahead of Gmail, Yahoo mail and the like.

Gmail and Yahoo offer no true offline email client that also comes with document and calendar sharing, […]

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Reputation Management: Advantages of Zimbra Personal Web Hosting vs Social Network Page

From the beginning, the draw of using Facebook as a promotion tool was that it provided an easy way for individuals to reach an audience without much investment except for time. However, as the popularity of social networking has increased, so have your options to successfully accomplish this goal. While Facebook Fan Pages are the socially trending method of the moment, it’s far from enough to successfully manage your Internet presence. Beyond content and graphics that you use to represent yourself on Facebook, your actual control of the framework is very limited. As opposed to being restricted by the […]

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Business Marketing with Zimbra Services: Team-up for Website Success-Part 2

Successful search engine marketing for your business is a lot like putting a puzzle together; you know what the picture is supposed to look like, but what you have to work with is a lot of pieces with tiny fragments of the picture.

Your primary marketing tool is an important piece of the puzzle. Keep in mind is that descriptive keywords such as ‘amazing’ or ‘exotic’ are not the words that most people will start their search with unless it’s part of the product or service they are looking for.  The keyword is related to what you have to offer; […]

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Business Marketing with Zimbra Services: Team-up for Website Success-Part 1

Although the headlines are full of dour financial statistics, online micro-business is booming and it’s not just because of one reason. However success anywhere is not the result of one person’s effort; you need solid technology services behind your website to keep it “live” and online around the clock.  With promises of “99.9% Uptime” on just about every web hosting company website, it’s not enough to simple read about what they have to offer, you have to be sure that it’s what your online business needs to make progress. That begins with knowing your product or service inside-out to […]

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Savings plus Scalability Built-in to Zimbra Services and Cloud Hosting

Smart business puts its money on saving resources whenever possible. Especially for independent entrepreneurs and companies with 10 employees. The majority of online businesses deal with multiple vendors for services such as web hosting, domain name registration and Internet access. The challenge is to make sure all of these pieces fit well with those coming from you. When it comes to your business objectives, scalability plays a big role in your success and these resources have been tightly connected until recently.

By using Zimbra hosting you have the ability to pay for the resources that you use. Up until now, […]

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Zimbra Services Makes Managing Resources Easy with Profit in Mind

Manage an Internet business has a lot in common with operating a brick-and-mortar business, but it also has some distinct characteristics that make it more challenging. Where security for a company on Main Street is a pretty straight-forward process, securing your business website online takes a lot of knowledge and experience. Zimbra Services builds in top-notch security features to protect your information as well as the information related to your customers.

Having security and management features at your disposal is one of the most outstanding features of cloud hosting and the advanced email services from this trusted company. This gives […]

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Zimbra Email Services and Cloud Web Hosting: A Great Business Match? Part 2

The buzz is getting louder around cloud web hosting, in Part 1 of this article the cloud hosting benefits to websites who have outgrown shared hosting. Now let’s look at the fine print of how to make this opportunity work for you.

Although the difference may not be obvious, there is a big difference between hosting on a shared server and cloud hosting. On a shared server, your website is limited to the resources located there. With cloud hosting, your website has access to the resources of many servers. To match this level of power, in the traditional way would […]

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