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Zimbra Email Services and Cloud Web Hosting: A Great Business Match

The world of business is constantly evolving in response to the needs of people and Internet services are no different. Zimbra Email Services have provided rock-solid email communications services for businesses since 1995. Today cloud web hosting is changing the way websites operate to be on the same level: the resources are shared and accessible from anywhere. That’s one of the main advantages of cloud web hosting, but it’s good to know a few of the details about why it could be a good move for you.

Cloud Web Hosting and Your Website: Will it Work?

Unless you work in the […]

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Better than Connected: New SMBs Cloud Hosting Services Opinion Survey from Premium VMWare Zimbra Provider

Enhancing Seamless Communication with Personnell, Internet and Intranet Website Business Operations using Zextras Mobile Synchronization and Globally Distributed Servers

What do small and medium-sized businesses want? Today announced an SMB opinion poll to answer this question in order to further enhance service provision. Cloud hosting and mobile communications are two of the driving factors behind the rapid pace of today’s business operations. However, providing the rapid response to the demands of a local or global market with multiple paths of access to a company has proven to be a major stumbling block for many SMBs. Very often these businesses are structured […]

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Mr Mail Provides True Privacy with New Free Email and Cloud Services

Unlike many of its competitors (including Google), Mr Mail, a UK-based company, provides true privacy and security with its Zimbra email and cloud services, now also including its new free mailboxes and cloud services.

Oliver Bross, Mr Mail technical director, says Mr Mail gathers no details from customer mailboxes for no reason whatsoever.

“We don’t serve up advertising or gather any kind of information at all in order to find advertising opportunities. No exceptions. What you see is what you get – the best email client with brilliant cloud computing applications that provide you the same experience online and offline regardless […]

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Make Your Zimbra Email Marketing Message Stand Out from Your Competition – Part Two

In Part 1 of this article, we looked at the power of newsletter templates to reinforce your message. People remember images faster than words and that’s the goal in every marketing communication: to establish a mental link between you and your contact. You can deliver your messages fast and in the format you want with Zimbra Email, but you still need to have meaningful and relevant content that provides value: this is the reason your contact will read it.

In 12 weeks, using a step by step manner you begin the process of finding out more about your contacts: interaction […]

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Make Your Zimbra Email Marketing Message Stand Out from Your Competition – Part One

It’s surprising how many marketers overlook the power of combining words and images when they are affected by them in making a purchasing decision. More than 10 years on, Zimbra Email Services has consistently provided features that make it easy to use Web 2.0 designs. Yet when I look through my inbox, more than 95% of the offers are in plain text.

Google any phrase you like and look at the search engine results. What those results represent is a lot of choices. It’s easy for a person to get overwhelmed when they’re presented with too many choices. That’s why […]

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How to Deliver Great Content People Want to Share with Zimbra Email Services

The word on the Web is that people want information that’s not only relevant to them, but that they can share. While “content is king/queen” may be true, there’s a big difference in content to social networks and on your website. Zimbra Email makes it easy to deliver your content to social networks, and interact with contacts in real-time.

Before you get carried away with the idea of using this feature, keep in mind that the most popular social networks have their own protocol; i.e. Twitter gives you 140 characters to work with, so let’s use this as an example. […]

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Enhance Your Marketing with Zimbra Email Services and Video Conferencing

Today business has gone global with the Internet playing a vital role in establishing relationship with merchants and service professionals around the world. Outsourcing, telecommuting or freelancing are the ways many people earn their living online. Zimbra Email Services supply you with advanced tools like direct access to videoconferencing from WebEx that make it easier to discuss projects or demonstrate your work.

While staying in close contact with clients and service personnel is fast and efficient using email, when it comes to making a presentation or having instant interaction, video conferencing services in conjunction with email marketing is much more […]

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How to Strengthen Your Credibility Using Zimbra Email Services

Our daily lives can include different types of email communications. While Zimbra Email Services have outstanding features that can make communication more efficient, many people are unaware that electronic communications influence how they are perceived. The way you communicate forms an impression of your character and hence, your credibility.

Keep in mind that when you are writing to a person you have never met your words and the format that you use must represent you accurately. In the nebulous world of the Internet the ability to be anonymous is great when you are in discussion forums, however when it comes […]

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How Zimbra Email Services Helps to Top-Up Your Identity Protection

As the Internet has become a more accepted vehicle for communication and commerce, identity theft from the exposure of personal information has become a high concern for individuals and organizations. While there are dozens of free online services to choose from, using the Mr. Mail Zimbra Email Services stands apart from them by putting your privacy before profits.

Controlling the release and use of your personal information is the cornerstone of reputation management, but many people are unaware of the price they are paying when it comes to uses the majority of free services on the Internet. From logging your […]

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Email: Where it’s Come From, Where It’s Going, and How Mr Mail Will Get You There

Email has come a long way, from its humble roots in the 70’s to cloud computing and Zimbra Email. Here’s how things have changed over the years.

Email has come a long way, from its humble roots in the 70’s to cloud computing. Zimbra Email offers users unique tools with regards to the latter, and now with free mailboxes from Mr Mail, a UK-based company, in addition to its email and cloud services for home and business, anyone can take advantage of what the Zimbra platform offers.

When last do you remember posting a letter? For most of us that seems like a very […]

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