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New Vision of Integrated Cloud Services from VMWare Zimbra Provider Launched to Help Small and medium-sized Businesses Experience Accelerated Growth

Software as a Service Closes the Communication Gap Between Online Merchants, Suppliers and Customers

Cloud computing is now a reality for many large firms who are rapidly adjusting to the “Post-PC” era, however the same is not true for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs). Focusing on the advantages of cloud computing for companies with less than 100 employees has not received the same level of attention. announced today that the company is launching an initiative on January 7th to address the issue that hampers the growth of these companies with an online presence: the lack of integrated virtualization and communication services. […]

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Google Engage Certified Sales Firm to Provide Social media, Mobile marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services for MrMail VMWare Zimbra Premium Clients

Small and medium-sized enterprise owners have relied on for affordable and responsive email communications and cloud hosting services for more than a decade. Now this Internet services provider has expanded the scope of its client service offering to include Social Media, Mobile Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. announced today that starting January 21, 2013, VMWare Zimbra clients will have access to these services at a highly discounted rate through the company’s co-venture with Suneva Webcasting, Inc. […]

By |December 3rd, 2012|Press Releases|0 Comments| Opens Critical Awareness Registration for Cloud Hosting Security Education Series

Online Productivity and Data Protection in Focus for VMWare Zimbra Premium Service Clients

Responding to the market demand for easier access to integrated hosting, communication and Internet applications, has actively introduced SME clients to the potential of cloud computing to provide these solutions. VMWare Zimbra Premium has become the option of choice for its scalability and intuitive user interface. Now as more clients have begun to the transition from traditional hosting and communication services, has responded to the security issue concerns with a series of whitepapers focused on the applications SMEs use daily such as electronic mail, WordPress and instant […]

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Innovative Communication Service Assists SMEs to Streamline Sales Process and Increase Cost Effectiveness of Service Delivery for Online and In-Store Operations

Just like many small and medium sized enterprise ventures in the UK, relies heavily on email and mobile phone services to keep in touch with their ink and toner sales representatives while they are in the field providing customer support or generating new sales leads. While the necessity of timely communication is an understood reality, the logistics of ensuring that every member of their team is kept abreast of developments throughout the organisation was a serious challenge; one […]

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Black Top Shopping Selects Cloud Hosting to Support New E-Commerce Division

Internet Publisher Client turns to Cloud Computing Expert to Support Global media Distribution and Secure Retail Transactions announced that Black Top Shopping has selected a cloud hosting solution built on the VMware Zimbra Premium Services platform to support their new e-commerce division to help the company manage growth, provide additional security, improve their website network client services and boost its profitability.

Launched in 2010, Black Top Shopping is owned and operated by D&DS Subsidairys, a Nevada corporation. The company provides print and video media coverage on the global fashion industry, along with discount and rebate offers, expanded operations to include […]

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VMWare Zimbra Premium Services Provider Spotlights Critical Awareness for Enhanced Protection for Online Companies

As a provider of VMware Zimbra Premium Services for clients around the globe small businesses easy access to an integrated suite of communication, Internet applications and hosting services. However during a recent interview with a prospective client, the issue of how could the company best secure their company’s Internet website on a cloud hosting platform was raised. The confusion surrounding this issue is not limited to small businesses; but security solutions for these companies are not the same as their larger counterparts. As a public […]

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Mr Adds ‘Think Free’ Web Office Suite to Cloud Hosting Service Packages

Online Documentation Capability plus VMware zimbra virtualization Services speeds Collaboration, Development and Production Cycles

Small businesses in the UK and around the world often struggle under the weight of managing the myriad of details involved in collaborating between partners using various documentation applications for text, spreadsheets and presentations. This problem becomes more unmanageable when members of the organisation are in different geographical locations and time zones. offers these companies a viable alternative with the ‘Think Free’ Web Office Suite that works with the VMware Zimbra cloud hosting service packages. The result is a full spectrum array of virtualization services […]

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MrMail Cloud Hosting Brings Productivity and Collaboration to Small Business Owners

Mobile Web Integrates Seamlessly with Zimbra Services for Better Communication

Today more businesses are utilizing mobile web technology to enhance both their employees productivity and customer care response time. With more employees distributed around the globe rather than in one location, cloud hosting and collaboration services are becoming essential for small business to remain competitive in the marketplace. is working with companies in the United Kingdom and around the globe to assist them to implement the full suite of VMware Zimbra Services for cloud computing that are designed to be scale-able and easy to customise to fit the needs […]

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SMEs Can Experience Higher Revenue Generation Using Zimbra Email Marketing Suite at

New cloud hosted strategies reflect the influence of social media

The use of the mobile web has expanded due to the 4G network and it’s expected by 2015 more people will access the Internet via their mobile phones than their desktop computers. Looking at a forecast of 16.6% annual growth in the use of the mobile web and 40% of the world’s population be online, forward-thinking companies are taking a cue from social media in their approach to email marketing. offers businesses and entrepreneurs the VMware Zimbra Email Marketing suite to connect them with their customers on the move.

Instead […]

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Cloud Hosting the Zimbra Way: Secures Online Business control, Easy Management and Connection Power for SMEs Focused on Growth

Providing a stabilised global web hosting infrastructure built on the rock-solid reliability of Zimbra Vmware businesses gain responsiveness and flexibility

The tremendous increase of online business ventures from start-ups to established companies since 2007 is no surprise to MrMail, the UK-based Zimbra Service Provider. As one of the first web hosting companies online since 1996, MrMail has a unique perspective on the foundation required for businesses to succeed. With the advent of cloud hosting, the landscape for online companies has changed. Zimbra Cloud Hosting provides Internet businesses with a seamless transition from the restraints of traditional shared hosting to the […]

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