August 2012

Customer Focused Premium zimbra Service Provider Provides Advanced Security and Infrastructure Features on Revamped Company Website

By |August 22nd, 2012|

Lock-down server security, advert-free email and blazing web hosting speed are just a few of the benefits of for new and established businesses.

The saying that “the Customer is King” has been the touchstone of business operations at since the launch of their website in 1996 offering business and free secure Zimbra email hosting service accounts. Internet technology has advanced rapidly over the past decade and today more than ever before, securing website communication and profit channels is the Number One priority for web business owners and the hosting companies they use. With the advent of ‘cloud’ hosting and […]

Facebook Timeline Optimization Techniques You Can Use Right Now

By |August 15th, 2012|

First Step to Facebook Timeline Optimization

Let’s continue our quest to squeeze out every bit of search engine optimization for your website by using Facebook Timeline optimization techniques. Here are a few remedies to the most pressing question for most webmasters how  max out the advantage of this new service?

Just to review, it’s really important to consider which social media networks will give you the best return on your investment of time and effort. With an amazing array of platforms to choose from you could find no time to breathe
if you attempt to utilize all of them.  However probably the […]

Optimize Your Facebook Timeline to Enhance Your Website

By |August 10th, 2012|

It’s a definite fact that search engine optimization for your website can benefit from social media support. So to suggest that a website owner optimize their Facebook Timeline to enhance their website sounds like good advice, right? The problem that many face is that they have just completed creating a Fan Page.  Profiles, Fan Pages and now Timelines have many webmasters and marketers becoming frustrated with the major changes Facebook has introduced in rapid succession over the past 2 years. Here’s how you can turn frustration into a benefit.

The Problem with Facebook

The truth of the matter is that it’s […]

How to Market Your Reseller Web Hosting Services

By |August 6th, 2012|

Defining a specific client profile or “target marketing” as a web host reseller is crucial today because of the level of competition in the Internet industry; these services are absolutely essential to have an Internet presence. The days of simply offering the generic model of any service or product and being able to successfully turn a profit from it are dwindling fast.

The example given in the previous post is the key to understanding the changing environment of the Internet. There are many people who remained unconvinced about the benefits of having a website until recently. If you really want […]

May 2012

Mr Mail Doing its Bit for the Economy

By |May 31st, 2012|

Mr Mail’s one-year free premium Zimbra email solution for start-ups is being received well so far.

Mr Mail, a UK based company, recently began to offer a one-year free premium email solution for start-ups, based on the Zimbra email feature set that includes a Cloud solution, productivity suite, and unlimited web hosting, plus more (explained below). The promotion has been received well so far.

Start-up companies which are a year old or younger qualify for the solution. The beauty of it is that there are no strings attached – the client is able to opt-out anytime they want, and after the […]

Dreaming of Operating a Web Hosting Company? Here’s How You Can Do It

By |May 30th, 2012|

By becoming a Web Hosting Reseller you can operate your own web hosting company. But that is just the beginning of the story. To make this decision profitable, use these tips from MrMail, a web and email hosting provider that has been in operation since 1995 and is one of the most stable companies using Zimbra Email Services.

What is a Web Hosting Reseller and How Does it Work? 

Operating a company that offers the number of resources required for the websites of today is complicated.  It requires more than money; you need experienced and qualified staffing to install, configure and […]

How to Move Your Domain to a New Web Host

By |May 25th, 2012|

When you decide to move your domain website, you want to be sure that the transition from one webhost to another is seamless. MrMail Web Hosting suggests these 5 steps to make your move as simple as possible:

Create a Timeline

Organize all of the tasks you need to do and provide ample time to complete them. Clean up your file manager to prevent moving unnecessary files. Verify the file transfer protocol with your new host and have the accurate Domain Name Server (DNS) information for both your current and new web host. Keep your temporary URL at hand so you […]

Using the Google Penguin Update to Pump Up Your Website SEO

By |May 23rd, 2012|

Are you one of the webmasters that has been stunned by the Google Penguin update? In our recent article “Stumbling through SEO: 4 Search Engine Optimization Pitfalls Internet Businesses Should Avoid” one of the main points was about relevance which is also important in the latest ‘Penguin’ update from Google. MrMail Zimbra Hosting works with webmasters to help promote their sites efficiently, so here is some essential points to keep in mind.

Over the past few years, search engine optimization has become classified as either ‘white hat’ or ‘black hat’ and recently the term ‘grey hat’ has arrived on the […]

Stumbling through SEO: 4 Search Engine Optimization Pitfalls Internet Businesses Should Avoid

By |May 22nd, 2012|

MrMail web hosting customers often ask questions related to Zimbra Services and search engine optimization. Here are four of the common mistakes webmasters make in their quest to have their Internet business ranked high on Google, Yahoo or Bing:

1.    Fighting to be ranked No.1 in Google without a unique advantage: You will never be able to accomplish this without separating your offer from the herd of the competition.  You must answer the question of what makes your product or service more beneficial to the visitor than the next website offer in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

2.    Having SEO […]

How to Prevent Website Identity Theft

By |May 21st, 2012|

Every webmaster should know that website security is a top priority. Security for customer information and other sensitive date are of the utmost importance. As a web hosting company, Mr Mail offers Zimbra Hosting Services which provide a high-level security applications to safeguard the websites on our server. However protecting a domain from being “hijacked” must be taken seriously by the owner as well.

Inadequate security can be devastating to a business; it can result in loss of income, credibility and the domain name itself. Which measures should you take on your own and what aspects of security your host […]